Countless data points. One central data model.

So much data. So many sources. No wonder it’s so often difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to act on your data. But when you use Experience Data Model (XDM), you can bring all your data together — regardless of source — to make it equally useful across the enterprise. And create incredible data-driven experiences.


Share data easier. Get better insights.
Share cross-channel consumer experience data to activate faster customer insights with less cost.

Simplify and standardize data.
Unify the way you name, categorize, and format your data so you can store your information in a simple, consistent way.

Flexible, open, and extensible.
Take total control and add your own fields and attributes to your data, making it easier for your whole organization to adopt it.

Power applications with data. Faster.
Simplify new deployments, new channels, and new sources. Any application that reads XDM will understand the new data automatically.

Move faster and get more value.
Repeatedly implement and adopt intelligent services that understand the structure of XDM-based data.


Experience Platform XDM Features

Discover data’s very own Rosetta Stone.

Making disparate datasets work together  causes data engineers and data scientists daily headaches. They’re constantly interpreting data, translating and retranslating it at every step. With XDM, you can set them free so they can do what they were hired to do — to find the useful, actionable insights that drive success instead of cleaning and structuring data.

Use a hierarchical schema with JSON-Schema and JSON-LD.

Use XDM to standardize record and time series data from multiple channels or touchpoints.

Take advantage of a rich library of schemas, including XDM, industry-standard schemas (like Microsoft Common Data Model), and vendor schemas.

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Because XDM is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, you can capture all concepts of digital experiences, whether they’re part of an Adobe product or not.

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