Order Management

Bridge the online and in-store gap with an order fulfillment system that enables flexible, convenient, and cost-efficient delivery.

Offer more fulfillment options, drive more sales.

With flexible order management and fulfillment options like ship-to-home or order online and pick up in store, you can bridge the online and in-store gap. By providing an “endless aisle” shopping experience, you give customers more options for purchase, and you drive greater customer loyalty by instilling confidence that they can get what they want.

With an order management system that gives you fulfillment options, you can ensure you are never out of stock and give your customers flexible, convenient, and cost-effective delivery options. Add in the ability to fulfill orders from anywhere with a PC, point of sale, or a tablet, and you have an unforgettable buying experience.

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Unified Order Management
Manage orders coming in from across channels and use automated business logic to match them with the best fulfillment options — so you can meet customer expectations and your hit your profitability goals.

Global Inventory and Sourcing
Gain more control in managing your global inventory. Using configurable sourcing rules, determine the most cost-effective location from which to fulfill orders and how you can best meet your customer varied requirements.

Better Store Fulfillment and Omnichannel Experiences
Turn your stores into mini-distribution centers. Make all inventory available online and provide flexible fulfillment options like in-store pickup and ship-to-and-from-store to increase sales. With an “endless aisle” and clienteling, the in-store experience for your customers can’t be beat.

Centralized Customer Service
Centralize order information for customer service from all sales channels and fulfillment centers. With a global view of all real-time available inventory, customer service reps can easily help customers process orders and exchange or return products.

Flexible Order Fulfillment
Reduce the operational cost of managing global inventory. Grow sales by making your store inventory available to online shoppers and providing flexible fulfillment options, including ship-from-store, ship-to-store and buy online, and pick up in store.

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