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ACI Worldwide educates customers about the power of real-time payments using Adobe Captivate Prime.




Employees: ~4,000
Miami, Florida

Provides real-time payment solutions to corporations and educates customers on the benefits


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Use case: Customer education

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Deploy a modern, agile customer education platform to support growing global demand

Improve mobile access capabilities to drive uptake of courses

Reduce the administrative effort required to maintain a global LMS platform

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Creates a centralised, global system of record for 5,000 training courses every year

Supports rapid development, getting timely, new course content to customers faster

Enables business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic for ACI and customers

Teaching the value of digital payments

ACI Worldwide is a global software company that provides mission-critical real-time payment solutions to corporations. Its software solutions process more than $14 trillion daily for more than 6,000 organisations around the world, including many of the world’s largest banks, retailers, billers, processors and intermediaries. The company’s success can be attributed to its longstanding expertise in a market that has grown exponentially with the rise of e-commerce. Organisations worldwide rely on real-time, omni-channel ACI payment capabilities to deliver the simple, seamless transaction experiences that consumers expect.


Over the years, ACI has introduced numerous software innovations, including ACI® Enterprise Payments Platform™, ACI Fraud Management™ and ACI Secure eCommerce™. The company also offers a wide range of services to help its customers compete in the digital age — from consumer and wholesale banking to fraud detection and electronic bill presentment.


To get maximum competitive benefit out of these solutions, ACI customers need to be familiar with their capabilities and benefits, understand how to use them and have the knowledge to adapt them to their needs.


ACI’s Learning Services team is responsible for the all-important task of not just training customers such as banks or financial institutions, but also the end-user customers of these organisations — for example, a retail customer of a bank that uses bank-supplied ACI e-payment or fraud detection capabilities in its e-commerce platform.


ACI maintains two separate training platforms for this purpose. Customer courses are hosted on ACI’s own training portal while end-user sessions are conducted on ACI-operated, customer-branded portals as part of an extended enterprise model.


“Our job is to ensure that any user of ACI products and services can get the most value out of their solution,” explains Jeremy Tart, Principal Technical Course Designer, ACI Worldwide.

“The simple, intuitive interface of Adobe Captivate Prime supports our goal to offer an exceptional customer training experience.”

Jeremy Tart

Principal Technical Course Designer, ACI Worldwide

Achieving new educational standards 

However, when the complexity of ACI’s legacy learning management system (LMS) began to impede the speed and agility required to keep pace with growing global training requirements, the Learning Services team looked for a new solution.


After researching and trialing a number of LMS options, ACI selected Adobe Captivate Prime.


“Because we use Adobe Captivate to author much of our content, Adobe Captivate Prime offered the most seamless integration, helping us to get new content to customers faster,” says Tart. “Moreover, the simple, intuitive interface of Adobe Captivate Prime supports our goal to offer an exceptional customer training experience.”


Today, ACI uses Adobe Captivate Prime as a centralised system of record for 5,000 training sessions every year, including live, instructor-led courses running over multiple days that are typically bundled with customers’ enterprise purchases; and nearly 180 self-paced, e-learning modules aimed at end-user customers that can be browsed and downloaded to a laptop or mobile any time, anywhere.

Minimising disruption during the pandemic

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic only served to underscore the timeliness of the move to Adobe Captivate Prime. Courses that were normally delivered in-person were swiftly moved to online training with no disruption to scheduled dates or times. Furthermore, the social learning capabilities of the platform helped facilitate the transition, with digital message boards used by instructors to post information and updates to learners and learners using them to pose questions back to instructors.


“Like other companies, when COVD-19 hit, we thought: ‘How are we going to follow through with our training commitments to our customers?’” says Ann-Marie Murphy, Training Coordinator, Learning Services, ACI Worldwide. “Adobe Captivate Prime helped us to adjust to the restrictions quickly, providing business continuity not just for us, but for customers who rely on our training to support on-time technology deployments and competitive initiatives.”


Murphy adds that the mobile access capabilities of Adobe Captivate Prime have helped drive uptake: “We love that Adobe Captivate Prime offers mobile capabilities and we’ve seen our customers take advantage of the opportunity to download courses, whenever and wherever it suits them.”


Adobe Captivate Prime has also helped the Learning Services team simplify and expedite administrative tasks such as setting up user profiles and permissions, running reports and gathering and analysing statistics. Murphy explains: “In the past, system administration was tedious and often involved creating and exporting Excel spreadsheets. Now, with Adobe Captivate Prime, routine tasks can be performed with the click of a button, which frees up more time to focus on delivering a better customer experience.”

“With Adobe Captivate Prime, we’re now delivering an exceptional training experience. This helps us to deliver a world-class experience for our customers, which allows them to do more for their customers.”

Jeannie Jackson

Director, Learning Services, ACI Worldwide

Increasing customer satisfaction and engagement 

Looking ahead, the Learning Services team is planning to add even more Adobe Captivate Prime features to support an even better customer experience. “Adobe Captivate Prime offers us the opportunity to explore adding even more benefits for our customers, such as certification,” says Tart. “We’re looking forward to exploring and expanding all of the ways Adobe Captivate Prime can help us to enrich the customer experience.” 


In addition, ACI would like to extend the social learning capabilities of Adobe Captivate Prime to increase peer-to-peer interaction, integrate e-payment facilities to give customers the option of paying for courses with a credit card and add gamification to digital content to increase student engagement.


“With Adobe Captivate Prime, we’re now delivering an exceptional training experience, says Jeannie Jackson, Director, Learning Services, ACI Worldwide. “This helps us to deliver a world-class experience for our customers, which allows them to do more for their customers.”

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Let’s talk about what Adobe can do for your business.