Accelerating time to marketing.

Acxiom frees employees from contract-related administration to better serve clients, onboard talent and build revenue, using Adobe Sign integrated with Salesforce, Conga and Workday. 




Employees:More than 2,600 (includes full-time and part-time associates)
Conway, Arkansas


Expedites onboarding of critical talent through fast, efficient contract workflows


Eliminate time-consuming, manual contract workflows

Deploy a more cost-effective e-signature solution for faster, more efficient contract completion

Get critical hires aboard more quickly through a digital onboarding process


Seamless contract process creates a positive first impression for clients, partners and recruits

Expedites onboarding of critical talent through fast, efficient contract workflows

Enhances client satisfaction with efficient process for amendments documenting project scope changes

Integrated workflows reduce administration, letting teams spend more time on the business


Fuelling marketing initiatives with data

Acxiom is a customer intelligence company providing data-driven solutions that enable the world’s best marketers to better understand their customers to create better experiences and business growth.

With marketing professionals using data to create personalised brand experiences across every consumer touch point, demand for Acxiom services is high. As a result, the company is winning more clients, forming more partnerships and hiring more skilled talent. To make the document and contract experience smoother and faster, Acxiom implemented an e-signature solution several years ago within a few select departments. However, following a cost-driven review of the latest industry solutions, Acxiom switched to Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, for deployment across the company.

Providing transparency into project status and changes

The largest number of Adobe Sign users within Acxiom are based in its Salesforce group. The Salesforce team uses Adobe Sign integrated with Salesforce and Conga Composer for e-signatures on change request documents when modifications are made to the scope or requirements of projects, such as the re-allocation of project staff hours or changes to deliverables or pricing. Clients must sign indicating their agreement to these scope changes for a project to re-commence. The team issues approximately 200 client change requests per month, averaging three to four pages each.

Adobe Sign integration with Salesforce and Conga enables the seamless creation and completion of change request forms. Users populate the data needed for a change request in a Salesforce case, then pull it into a standard template using Conga. The form is then sent to the customer through the Adobe Sign workflow for an electronic signature.

Today, Adobe Sign records are stored centrally and conveniently within Salesforce, allowing team members to quickly pull up files should they need to review, amend, resend or cancel a client agreement.




Onboarding new talent faster

Meanwhile, Acxiom’s HR department uses Adobe Sign integrated with Workday to onboard new employees.

The solution automates the previous manual process, where HR staff would print, sign, scan and email employment contracts, onboarding packets and memos requiring signatures to prospective employees, who would have to source a printer and scanner and repeat the steps. The complexity of the process meant that contracts were often returned incomplete, with missing information or signatures, requiring the HR team to return the contract or start again, which could delay the arrival of much-needed resources.

To modernise this process, Acxiom integrated Adobe Sign with Workday, creating a digital workflow and e-signature solution that is easier, faster and more user friendly. Today, the process saves time for both recruits and the HR team by eliminating workflow steps and manual data entry requirements.

“Adobe Sign integrated with Workday gives new employees a great first impression of the company and has increased productivity within the HR team,” says Kathy Brand, Senior Human Resource Manager, Acxiom. “The time we’re saving on contract-related administration is being re-invested in global recruitment and supporting the needs of employees.”

Further roll-out of Adobe Sign

On a day-to-day basis, the integration of Adobe Sign with systems such as Salesforce, Conga and Workday means Acxiom employees can simply work within these applications to complete projects without having to jump back and forth between multiple applications. The positive experience with Adobe Sign across the company is leading to new deployment opportunities in international markets. Acxiom’s IT team in the UK, for example, is interested in adopting the solution.

Let’s talk about what Document Cloud can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Document Cloud can do for your business.