Advocating for the future of Africa.

ADCC promotes growth in Africa by bringing educational opportunities through Adobe Captivate Prime.

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Members: 50,000
Southfield, Michigan


Plans to educate more than 100,000 learners in first year of operations


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Advocate for Africa as the next frontier of economic growth and development

Empower the youth of Africa by facilitating stronger educational opportunities

Encourage members of the African diaspora around the world through education


Delivers 3,000+ lessons from numerous content providers through one seamless interface

Off-line learning provides greater accessibility for learners with slow or unstable Internet

Plans to educate 100,000+ learners in its first year with Adobe Captivate Prime

Increases support from government agencies through use of reliable Adobe applications

For 45 years, entrepreneur Pat McCants has used her business experience and connections to better serve the Black community. She earned leadership positions in organisations such as chambers of commerce operating on local and national levels, with a particular focus on organisations aimed at supporting Black communities and Black businesses across the United States.

But after years of working primarily with individuals and organisations in the U.S., McCants recognised the need for an organisation that would strengthen economic and social relationships with Africa and the African diaspora worldwide. She founded the African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce or ADCC, as a way to build those relationships and advocate for growth in Africa.

“The global African diaspora includes people who left the continent seeking greater opportunities, but also the descendants of slavery who have spent generations apart from their ancestral home,” says McCants. “Through the ADCC, we want to connect the global community, including members of the African diaspora around the world and promote Africa as the next frontier for economic growth and development.”

While ADCC works with business partners and affiliates to encourage trade and investment in Africa, one of its primary missions involves education. By promoting education for disadvantaged communities in Africa and worldwide, the organisation aims to provide new opportunities for youth and connect members of the African diaspora to their roots. ADCC chose Adobe Captivate Prime as its learning management system (LMS) to deliver educational programmes across continents.

“Adobe Captivate Prime is central to our mission of promoting education, encouraging job skills and getting positive messages out to communities,” says McCants. “Through our Adobe Captivate Prime powered by ADCC programme, we hope to reach more than 100,000 students in our first year.”


Partnering with Adobe for success

With Adobe Captivate Prime, ADCC found an LMS that checks all of the boxes for the organisation’s educational goals. One of the most critical features is its strong off-line functionality.

“Our goal is to bring free education to disadvantaged communities everywhere,” says McCants. “While e-learning offers many advantages and allows us to reach more people with high-level education, it can be difficult for students living in areas with slow, unstable or limited Internet access. With Adobe Captivate Prime, students can download lessons and continue working on projects or reviewing lessons at any time.”

Adobe Captivate Prime is also highly flexible, capable of supporting any type of content through its Fluidic Player. While ADCC hopes to eventually have a large catalogue of lessons designed specifically for the needs of students in Africa or the African diaspora, the organisation will start its educational outreach by delivering content created by other educational companies.

The Adobe name itself has also helped open doors for ADCC. ADCC has developed connections with the governments in Nigeria, Ghana and other African nations. These government agencies are much more excited to work with ADCC when they learn that the educational platform is running on technology from Adobe, a company known for its long-standing history of innovation and stability.


“Adobe Captivate Prime gives us all of the tools that we need to support e-learning at all levels and create more opportunities throughout the African diaspora.”


Pat McCants
Founder & Chairman, African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce

Educating thousands around the world

ADCC has already set the foundations for numerous educational programmes. Through e-learning, ADCC will bring free education to more children in Africa. ADCC will also reach adults through programmes such as prenatal health lessons that use video and tests to explain how immunisations work and demonstrate what steps expecting mothers can take to improve their health.

At the same time, ADCC plans to start working with 50,000 disadvantaged students in the Detroit school system. The curriculum will help to fill in the gaps for students, particularly for those who have fallen behind due to remote-learning restrictions during the global pandemic. For students who are part of the African diaspora, ADCC also plans to include lessons centred around African history to help connect students with lost roots and encourage greater pride in their history.

Educational programmes will also extend beyond young students or disadvantaged communities. Business have started keeping in touch to ADCC for advice around facing issues around systemic racism. One planned pilot programme will aim to bring together police and Black communities to promote opportunities for communication and understanding.

“We have around 3,000 lessons that we’re ready to deliver through Adobe Captivate Prime,” says McCants. “We plan to expand dramatically, working with even more partners and building our own curriculums to reach more learners. Adobe Captivate Prime gives us all of the tools that we need to support e-learning at all levels and create more opportunities throughout the African diaspora.”

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Let’s talk about what Adobe can do for your business.