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Cognizant delivers on-screen contextual assistance any time, anywhere with Adobe RoboHelp.




Employees: 289,500 as of 31 December2020
Teaneck, New Jersey

Create and maintain post-training artefacts, such as online help, job aids and video tutorials to help the end-users understand and adopt Cognizant’s project management application


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Enhance navigation and keyword-based search capabilities

Enable users to complete their day-to-day tasks with ease

Reduce support tickets and continually improve/update content based on user feedback

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Easy access to a specific topic without having to spend much time in searching across the entire Help

Increased productivity as users get immediate assistance on the problem at hand

Eliminated the need to create support tickets or call Help Desk

Continuous content improvements ensured users are up to date with the latest updates in application/process

Harnessing digital disruption

Today, most consumers are more knowledgeable, connected and empowered in the digital economy, challenging organisations across industries to prioritise quality customer experiences. Emerging technologies allow learners to use varied digital channels and connected devices to consume content just-in-time on the devices of their choice. Cognizant, one of the world’s leading professional services companies, believes in helping its clients win by imagining and enabling exceptional experiences.


Cognizant helps traditional businesses transform into digital-first innovators using the latest technologies. Cognizant’s Digital Experience Learning and Content team leverages the largest digital support services, conducts thorough research to understand the latest trends and delivers tomorrow’s experiences today.


Cognizant leverages Adobe products such as Adobe RoboHelp to provide contextual assistance intended to enable users to complete their day-to-day tasks. Adobe Captivate is used to develop instruction-text driven video tutorials on the key processes of the project management application. The video tutorials help the users get familiar with the application without the need of ad hoc training.

Service offerings and support

Cognizant’s Digital Experience Learning and Content services drive employee engagement and performance through the design, delivery and production of innovative content and learning strategies. The Digital Experience Learning and Content team actively explore new technologies and innovative ways to create engaging experiences for consumers and employees and help transform customer and employee experience through the following services:


  • Creation of process documentation, interactive playbooks, product documentation including online help and job aids that aid users in adopting to a new or changed product or process
  • Development of a knowledge ecosystem by capturing tribal knowledge within enterprises
  • Creation of contextual, in-application guidance to help users augment productivity on-the-job


Millennials in the workplace often look for newer, engaging, interactive methodologies for learning/training. To help users in an organisation embrace any new application/system that is being rolled out, Cognizant recommends a suite of communication, training and post-training materials.


Online help developed using Adobe RoboHelp is one such post-training arteact that Cognizant often recommends to its customers. Unique topics associated with every screen of the application, an index of keywords and built-in search amongst other features developed using Adobe RoboHelp, help provide seamless user experience, thereby increasing productivity.

Cognizant's internal application at the heart of projects

Cognizant itself benefits from the end-user documentation developed for Cognizant’s internal project management application that enables to plan, execute and monitor application development projects. The application consists of multiple processes involved in the project life cycle to manage changes in customer requirements, defects and risks to delivery and is augmented with an online help and procedure-driven documentation. The context-sensitive online help assists in understanding the various features and underlying processes of the application.


The Online Help files that the Digital Experience Team creates using Adobe RoboHelp are context sensitive and provide the user immediate assistance on the problem or screen at hand, at the click of a button. These files are provided as HTML files that are integrated with the application. The effective keyword-driven search functionality and the Index of the Online Help files make information easily accessible to the users. The procedure-driven documentation enables users to complete their day-to-day tasks with ease.


Enabling on-screen contextual assistance with Adobe RoboHelp significantly reduced the number of Help Desk tickets and enhanced productivity.

The future of accelerated learning tools

Changing user habits and emerging digital technologies have evolved the learning landscape, requiring organisations to adopt new strategies and content to deliver an effective learning experience for their associates. The current global COVID-19 crisis has forced almost every organisation to quickly support their workforce to work remotely. This rapid transition of work style has led to increased collaboration with peers. The change has necessitated a standardised approach through digital learning and content to ensure adoption.


Customers are increasingly turning to digital for support. They prefer web or mobile self-service support over making calls to the Help Desk and other technical support forums. People rely more on self-help artefacts. Adobe products, such as Adobe RoboHelp, Captivate and FrameMaker have helped deliver highly engaging and personalised digital experiences and have generated tremendous value for Cognizant. The growing adoption of remote work resources is only going to make them more valuable.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe can do for your business.