Pharmacy giant extends value-based care to each customer.

Rite Aid taps Adobe Experience Cloud to drive connected retail experiences.

Rite Aid



Employees: 53,100
Camp Hill, PA


growth in “click-and-collect”


Connect the shopping experience across online, mobile and in-store channels.

Use advanced analytics and AI to build rich customer segments.

Offer personalised content and offers at scale.


73% growth in “click-and-collect”

Building rich customer segments

Rite Aid engages customers across channels.

Consumers are embracing new ways of shopping and the lines between online and off-line retail continue to blur. The surge in “click-and-collect,” for instance, which grew 73 per cent between Thanksgiving and Black Friday (according to data from Adobe Analytics), is an indicator that people enjoy the convenience of beginning a shopping journey online before completing it in-store. Retailers have ramped up innovation to address these opportunities and are working to create a common thread through all the different channels in which they engage shoppers.

Rite Aid opened their first store in Scranton, Pennsylvania, with a focus on serving the health and wellness needs of the local community. As the company grew and expanded its operation, the focus has remained the same. What has changed, however, are the dynamics of the retail landscape. Competition is fierce in the pharmacy and retail world, with the expectations of tech-savvy consumers ever on the rise. Rite Aid is embarking on their own digital transformation to serve these needs and has selected Adobe as its technology partner.

“From medication reminders to customised promotional offers, Adobe Experience Cloud will enable Rite Aid to continue to be the trusted partner for our customer’s health and wellness needs.”


Justin Mennen
Senior vice president and CIO, Rite Aid 

A new kind of retail experience.

Many of the world’s largest retail brands use Adobe Experience Cloud to drive their business, including 80 of the 100 largest U.S. web retailers. Rite Aid will be using a full stack of Adobe Experience Cloud solutions that include analytics, personalisation, web content management, advertising and e-commerce tools. These technologies will help further break down friction points between the online and in-store experience. It will become a glue that stitches together, the mobile app, retail shops and in-store pharmacy services, along with fulfillment services.

“By utilising Adobe Experience Cloud, Rite Aid will have access to deep customer insights enabling the company to personalise the Rite Aid experience for millions of customers, while also creating more opportunities for our pharmacists to provide clinical services and value-based care,” said Justin Mennen, senior vice president and CIO for Rite Aid. “From medication reminders to customised promotional offers, Adobe Experience Cloud will enable Rite Aid to continue to be the trusted partner for our customer’s health and wellness needs.”

Rite Aid will be coupling an interconnected shopping experience with personalisation for every customer. From the very beginning, Rite Aid wanted shoppers to engage with them as a trusted resource for a variety of health and wellness services. Adobe Analytics provides a base to take personalisation efforts and scale it to millions of individual customers. Rite Aid is able to collect and analyse data in real time across channels like desktop web, mobile and more. With Adobe Sensei (Adobe’s AI and machine learning platform), the company can build rich customer segments and activate content based on individual preferences and the stage of the shopping journey. It will enable Rite Aid to personalise everything from medication reminders to promotional offers.

The evolving shopper.

While every industry has been affected by digital, the retail world has gone through some of the most dramatic change. The initial surge in e-commerce was seen by some as the likely downfall of physical shops and dramatically dubbed the oncoming apocalypse. But what consumers have shown us is that shopping is not rooted in digital or physical — but a blend of the two instead. It all just needs to work in harmony and make the shopping experience easier and more intuitive. Rite Aid is beginning an incredible journey to deliver on this promise and strengthen the relationship it has with each one of its customers.

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