How SHOEBACCA grew revenue 15x in just 3 years.

After moving to Adobe Commerce, SHOEBACCA attracted more customers who stayed longer — and spent more on trainers.




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Drive growth through innovative technologies, competitive delivering processes and professional customer service

Optimise merchandising while handling a massive product catalogue

Integrate with multiple online marketplaces

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+1,400% sales

+25% online sales + traffic

+30% marketplace sales

The shoe retailer needed to step up their channel game

At the turn of the millennium, Marc and Robert Schlachter were selling used athletic shoes at local markets in Texas. The community-minded brothers were also delivering truckloads of shoes to third-world countries. This passion for trainers and charity work became the inspiration for, a shoe retailer and community outreach programme.

Officially formed in 2002, extended its reach by becoming a reseller on eBay, then launched a full-scale e-commerce website in the spring of 2007. Through word of mouth, the shop quickly became a leader in the online footwear retail market. Today, boasts a sprawling headquarters and a 250,000 square-feet warehouse in Irving, Texas, where they stock over 25,000 styles of shoes, accessories and athletic gear — all at competitive prices.

With its increased popularity, the needs of SHOEBACCA.COM customers changed. The company offered an expanded line of products and started to look beyond eBay and their website. They focused on growth through innovative technologies, competitive delivery processes and professional customer service.

With over 700,000 SKUs in their system, SHOEBACCA.COM needed to streamline their inventory data by organising and simplifying their structure. They needed to optimise their merchandising while handling a massive product catalogue and they needed to connect to multiple marketplaces. Their customers love to shop at Amazon, eBay, Rakutan and the Walmart website, so that’s where they needed to sell. SHOEBACCA.COM decided to create an e-commerce system that could scale their growth, integrate their current systems and sell customers the perfect sneaker wherever they start their journey.

“Adobe Commerce was a key factor in our 15x revenue growth in just three years.”

Thomas Finney


Selling shoes to everyone, everywhere

Adobe Commerce provided a wide range of features, including an improved interface to tightly integrate their back office systems. The new site delivered a single e-commerce solution on which SHOEBACCA can manage their whole operation, including inventory, pricing, delivery, CRM and managing sales from those multiple marketplaces. “Adobe Commerce gave us a completely responsive design that displays an optimised depiction of our brand on almost any mobile device,” says Thomas Finney, CTO of

“We wanted a fully integrated solution that could handle our e-commerce needs across multiple sales channels, a warehouse management system and finance — one that could also handle a high degree of customisation,” says Finney. “It also needed to scale and be flexible to meet our needs as we kept growing.” They pulled this off by integrating Adobe Commerce with Acumatica Cloud ERP, while seamlessly connecting with third-party drop-ship solution providers. Adobe Commerce not only increased the visibility of their products across all channels, it simplified their massive product catalogue data and improved the user experience. “Our partner, Kensium, has been integral in the success of SHOEBACCA.” adds Finney.

Walking on air

As you read this article, more than 250 SHOEBACCA.COM orders are being processed. Following their optimisation with Amazon, they received 1,800 orders in the first day alone. “Through improved customer relationship management, planning processes and integration of all its systems, SHOEBACCA.COM put itself in a prime position to succeed,” says Finney.

Adobe Commerce made the SHOEBACCA experience smoother for customers and for the company, while increasing sales and traffic by 25%. They enjoyed smaller customer acquisition costs and a 30% increase in sales from the marketplace. This proved how smart marketing put their brand in front of those who are looking for their product, in this case the latest Adidas and Nike styles.

The improved marketplace visibility resulted in a 30% increase in sales from those channels, while’s new website has shown noticeable improvements in customer browsing and purchasing behaviour. In the first week after launch, their average order value increased by an impressive 50% and average visit duration increased by 31%. As online sales and traffic rose by 25%, SHOEBACCA saw their entire business hockey-stick. More customers were arriving, staying longer, buying more and most importantly, spending more. In the last three years, their total sales have increased a staggering 1,400%.

“Adobe Commerce was a key factor in our 15x revenue growth in just three years,” says Finney.

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