The Definitive eCommerce Catalog to Selling Furniture and Home Décor in an Omnichannel World

About the Guide

Your guide to selling furniture and home room in an omnichannel world

Great customer experiences remain paramount in today's environment. Why are some furniture and home room merchants thriving and seeing upticks in sales - some above 300 per cent1?

Adobe and Absolunet’s The Definitive eCommerce Catalogue to Selling Furniture and Home Room in an Omnichannel World is sure to spark reflection and ideas for your company's digital future. Learn how omnichannel strategies are helping create meaningful consumer connections - and growing revenue - for home room and furniture companies today.

You'll find insights into:

  • What customers want in a home furnishing shopping experience
  • The customer journey and satisfying their needs at each touchpoint
  • Essential elements underlying a winning eCommerce infrastructure
  • Today’s home room and furniture companies winning the customer journey

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