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VWO increases GTM execution at 2x speed with Adobe Marketo Engage.




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Accuracy In lead routing

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Double revenue over the next 3 years

Build a sustainable and profitable company for the next 100 years

Reduce time lag and be 100% accurate every time

Improve conversion rates and customers’ engagement score


Increased ARPU (average revenue per user)

Increased lifetime customer value

100% accuracy with lead routing

Increased GTM execution by 2X

VWO is a flagship product of Wingify, a tech product firm headquartered in Delhi. As the competition in their market grew, VWO needed a way to generate sales and increase revenue by winning customers’ trust and assurance.

Earlier, VWO used one platform, which did not meet their expectations as there were challenges around data synchronisation across system and the lag time was high. Also, it did not provide a real-time view of the data collected. Thus, there was no adequate automation system in place to enable 360-degree marketing.

Getting a single customer view

VWO picked Adobe Marketo Engage for its robustness in automating and providing a real-time view of the data collected.

Upon adopting Adobe Marketo Engage, the VWO team had more control over the data synchronisation across various platforms. They utilised multi-directional sync functionality with Salesforce and BigQuery. As a result, they had a single view of customers, enabling the marketing team to analyse leads and better understand where contacts are in the customer journey.

“By not being data-driven ourselves and never being able to build a single view of customers, the limitation grew continuously. Gathering, processing, and managing data acted as a barrier in growing and providing better communication during the lead lifecycle,” says** VWO Head of Marketing, Paresh Mandhyan.

Reducing lag time by 50%

Despite the many advantages of Adobe Marketo Engage, few technical challenges emerged. To embed Marketo Engage forms on the VWO website, they used an API to collect and push data to Adobe Marketo Engage. It took them a little more than six months to implement Adobe Marketo Engage.

“Since then, which was about two years ago, we have seen continuous year-over-year growth, particularly in our deal size. Adobe Marketo Engage played a big role in helping us attract and close higher-value customers,” says Mandhyan

After successfully embedding Adobe Marketo Engage with various systems, they were able to reduce lag time by 50%, they are approaching near 100% accuracy in lead routing, and are taking advantage of automation capabilities in every manner.

Reducing loading time by 80%

Adobe Marketo Engage offered excellent user management functionality, which helped create and govern marketing operations processes, including territory allocation, managing data subscriptions, and syncs with Salesforce, as a centre of excellence.

Adobe Marketo Engage helped with better flow management, email campaign automation, and data merging, ultimately reducing loading time by 80%.

“To grow at a faster pace, we realised the entire marketing funnel, communications, and data flow have to be seamless. Moreover, we needed to move away from ad-hoc processes to persona-based, action-based, and behaviour-based across the customer lifecycle,” says Mandhyan

“The Marketo Engage team has been a perfect partner, getting us closer to our marketing and sales ambitions. We are happy to say whatever challenges we were encountering, we successfully resolved easily and quickly.”

Paresh Mandhyan

Head of Marketing, VWO

Elevating customer experience

Lead and customer experience is an ongoing process that needs to be continuously elevated, and this is where Adobe Marketo Engage has helped.

Some of the key functionalities that have been activated so far include:

Increasing revenue per user

Since using Adobe Marketo Engage, VWO has:

“The Marketo Engage team has been a perfect partner, getting us closer to our marketing and sales ambitions. We are happy to say whatever challenges we were encountering, we successfully resolved easily and quickly,” says Mandhyan.


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