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Speed up the production of visuals and videos for social media

Streamline work processes to optimize employees’ time

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30% faster in digital artwork creation

Greater efficiency in creative workflow

Increased cost savings with subscription model

Higher volume of video content produced

“The best thing about Adobe is that they’re always learning how our creative needs evolve. So, the tools we use are constantly updated and optimized to help us deliver content that resonates.”

Joan Lim

Associate Creative Director, Wild Advertising

Crafters of content

Wild Advertising (Wild) lives and breathes content, and is deeply passionate about it. The only thing the agency is more passionate about is helping clients build distinct brands through originality, creativity, engagement, and conversations.

Yeo Ai Ling, Managing Director of Wild Advertising, says one thing has stayed the same since the agency was founded in 2010. “Fundamentally, we will always be an agency that harnesses creativity and ideas to deliver results for clients,” she says. Even so, everything else in the industry is changing — deadlines are tightening and demands are different. That’s where Adobe Creative Cloud for teams comes in. Yeo considers Creative Cloud to be Wild’s trusted “partner”, and believes it lets her team work efficiently while focusing on the thing they love most: making ideas a reality.

From a business perspective, Yeo deems the adoption of Creative Cloud a good decision. “Adopting a subscription-based payment model gives us more predictability from a financial standpoint and makes it easy to track costs,” she says. This is especially useful when working with freelancers as they can easily switch user accounts without changing the subscription fees or add new hires simply by scaling up the monthly fees accordingly.

A rapidly changing world

The approach to social media management for brands has evolved over time and at an increasingly breakneck speed. With a greater need than ever for brands to react fast to current events and trends for real-time storytelling and content, the turnaround times are shrinking as the complexity of work deepens.

Ever-changing social media algorithms also place greater pressure than ever on brands and agencies to deliver engaging content in new formats, such as video, for better reach and results. “The tools we use are so important to us,” says Joan Lim, Associate Creative Director of Wild. “They need to be easy to use and intuitive. This is especially challenging when it comes to videos. Video content is essential because it drives engagement on social media effectively, but how do we produce quality video content fast?”

With Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, Wild’s employees can now tackle this by developing a workflow that is uninterrupted by unnecessary tasks and transitions. Employees use Adobe Creative Cloud for teams for all design-related work — leveraging apps such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for graphics and images, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic for photo shoots, Adobe After Effects for visual effects and animation, and Adobe Premiere Pro for video content.

“The best thing about Adobe is that they’re always learning how our creative needs evolve. So, the tools we use are constantly updated and optimized to help us deliver content that resonates,” says Lim.

Creativity on the cloud

Previously, Wild employees had to transfer large working files via hard drives. Dawn Tay, Digital Art Director of Wild, recalls a time when the finite and physical nature of the hard drives greatly limited them. “We had a company hard drive that we would store working files on,” she explains. “So, we often had to wait for colleagues to be done with the hard drive before we could use it.”

As a result, a considerable amount of time was wasted on waiting around. Tay even recalls instances of colleagues meeting one another over the weekend, just to pass each other the hard drive for more pressing projects. With the introduction of Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, Wild’s creative team can now transfer files over a cloud-based system seamlessly. This cuts out time spent on workarounds and unnecessary tasks, and delivers a smoother and unhindered creative process. Even accessing basic files such as fonts is now made simple with Adobe Typekit, which gives the creative team access to thousands of fonts without worrying about licensing issues.

This allows the team to work with flexibility, anywhere they are. Wild’s art directors work remotely from time to time, and are occasionally unavailable to execute client requests when they are off-site at a photo or video shoot. In such cases, their colleagues would have to stand in and work at the art director’s workstation on urgent deliverables, and often have to spend some time locating the required source files.

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams now renders that unnecessary with art directors easily accessing their files using Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries wherever they are, and even having the option to work from home. Wild is now empowered to streamline internal processes, deliver without delay, and better meet client expectations.

“A seamless workflow is the crux of a happy working environment. That’s the best way to get good work. ”

Yeo Ai Ling

Managing Director, Wild Advertising

The collaborative nature of content

Wild’s culture and work tend to be of a collaborative nature. That’s why it is a hindrance when the tools they work with do not facilitate collaboration. “For most of my jobs, I work closely with our digital art director, Dawn,” says Dominic Tung, Junior Art Director of Wild.” I take care of animation, using visual assets created by her. Because of this, I would usually have to wait for her to finish making changes on the visual files before I could continue with my work, to avoid confusion over multiple versions of the same file.”

“The Team Projects feature has really helped us work in sync,” says Tay. With Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, multiple employees can work on Team Projects in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects — this means they can edit work-in-progress, collaborate on each other’s projects and most importantly, communicate openly and simultaneously throughout. Tay and Tung especially appreciate the auto-save function, which automatically saves all edits and only shares them as a new version with team members when it is ready.

Team Projects has been very well-received among staff who now find it significantly easier to work concurrently on the same projects without any conflict or confusion. “A seamless workflow is the crux of a happy environment. That’s the best way to get good work,” says Yeo.

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