Nine best practices to drive marketer’s success with automation

Delivering the right message to the right customers using their preferred channel is difficult – even with the best marketing tools. But it’s an even taller order when marketers already have their hands full trying to keep up with new marketing channels, new data types, and new demands from customers – all while juggling campaigns that can involve millions of engagements.

In a world where 50% of consumers use between three and five channels during a purchase journey1, sophisticated cross-channel marketing is key to campaign success. And although there’s a myriad of digital tools out there that promise to help, choosing a solution that’s both easy to use and provides the breadth of functionality you need can be difficult.

Enter: marketing automation.

Marketing automation manages every aspect of a digital marketing campaign, including tracking the customer journey across channels, making personalisation easier, and enabling you to maximise conversions.

Those who have adopted it report its significant impact, with 98% of marketers saying it is very or extremely important for their success.

The popularity of marketing automation is reflected in a large and dynamic market landscape that continues to evolve as demand rises.

But don’t let this complexity of choice get in the way of raising mindshare and market share for your brand. The right marketing automation solution will deliver real value for you, your team, and your customers. By streamlining your work, it enables you to deliver marketing campaigns more quickly, ensure all campaign communications remain consistent across channels, and scale seamlessly.

With the right tool, you can orchestrate entire campaigns. And by coordinating them across both online and offline channels, you allow campaign processes to flow smoothly, delivering results quickly.

And the results speak for themselves. For example, customers using Adobe Campaign to automate key marketing functions can see up to 293% in ROI and experience a payback period of just six months.

Drive campaign success with marketing automation

A versatile marketing automation solution should be accompanied by a great marketing strategy to create even more of an impact.

Some marketing automation best practices that could be incorporated into your strategy include:

Once you’ve settled in with marketing automation, there’s a lot more you can drive. Stay up to date with marketing trends, scale your campaigns with more targets, more channels, and more insights, speed up your customer interactions, or dive deeper into what else marketing automation can do for you. You’ll reach your destination ROI in no time.

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