Adobe Summit Sneaks Lifts the Lid on Latest Marketing Innovations and Future-Looking AI Use Cases

Each year, the highly-anticipated Adobe Sneaks event casts a spotlight on the visionary creations of Adobe’s brightest minds – a celebration of their curiosity and passion, while also giving us an exciting glimpse into the future of technology and the customer experience.

At Adobe Summit EMEA 2023 Sneaks returned in person, hosted by comedian, TV presenter, and writer Richard Ayoade alongside Adobe’s Jamie Brighton. This year’s Sneaks dazzled and delighted the live audience in London, with powerful innovations that have the potential to become part of Adobe products in the near future.

As artificial intelligence continues to spark innovation across global markets, GenAI was a central theme across this year’s projects. But at the heart of each of the Sneaks is the pursuit of finding new and innovative ways for brands to add value, gain loyalty, and drive profitability through experience-led growth.


Fast Filtered

Imagine shopping online for a new table and chairs, then being offered a deal you cannot miss… only to discover after delivery and assembly that the new furniture does not fit in your home. Somehow you didn’t see the dimensional details before making the purchase.

Project Fast Filtered simplifies the online shopping experience so shoppers can avoid this scenario. Using AI, the project analyses any Adobe Commerce storefront category to identify both common and unique product details, ranging from measurements and colours to materials and key features. Users can then apply their choice of filters to surface useful data — including specific custom dimensions — and reveal differences between products for quick comparison.

In addition to utilising Fast Filtered’s algorithm to ensure product filters are focused on their needs, users can apply a patent-pending ‘remove from results’ feature to prune product lists with a single tap, ensuring that non-relevant results are quickly factored out of the search.


Extraordinary Email

With access to such a wealth of complex data with which to build experiences and create campaigns, it’s often difficult for brands to separate actionable insights from meaningless numbers. Marketers are under increasing pressure to choose the right attributes, know exactly where to experiment, and are expected to create the perfect message every time.

Project Extraordinary Email combines the powers of Adobe Journey Optimizer and Sensei GenAI to refine and optimise email campaigns in real time, making intelligent and automated suggestions on how to improve visuals, text, and targeting, based on real-time learning and historical data.

By leveraging Sensei GenAI’s brand aware capabilities alongside specific campaign goals, marketers can deliver complete, on-brand experiences – intelligently creating different versions of the same email campaign for different audiences and carrying over learnings and performance data directly into the next campaign.

Segment Smarts

With content becoming more sophisticated and immersive than ever, marketers are under pressure to make every experience as personalised as possible.

Project Segment Smarts revolutionises the way marketers identify the right assets for the right people, based on content attributes and audience intent. With Adobe Experience Manager, marketers have access to a wealth of native content and audiences. They can then use Adobe Sensei GenAI to connect authors with existing assets that best match those audiences, even providing next-best actions and recommendations so marketers can create new variations of those – either manually, or using AI with Adobe Firefly.

This means marketers can keep campaigns fresh, inject new creativity into old content, and remain consistent with their overarching campaigns – all in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort.


Custom Clips

Creating marketing material that is tailored to a specific audience and/or publishing channel can require a lot of time. Video marketing increases complexity, as creating and editing videos commonly requires additional craft and expertise.

Designed to simplify the work of video marketers, Project Custom Clips showcases how analytics and past videos’ performance data can be used to modify and edit new videos automatically. Using AI, this project can help advertisers better align their videos to key audiences and destinations. As an example, it can easily trim a 60-second commercial into 15-second Connected TV spots, tailoring content towards an audience of highly loyal customers, then repeat the process by sharing a completely different set of content for a group of new customers.


True Colors

To foster and welcome inclusivity within digital shopping experiences, Project True Colors enables Adobe Commerce customers to create personalised shopping experiences that allow shoppers to find apparel and color palettes that are best suited to their personal looks.

True Colors uses AI to analyse a single shopper-submitted image, identifying shoppers’ colour undertones, contrasts between facial features, and more. This analysis is then used to match shoppers to complementary colours, based on decades of extensive colour theory research — as well as Adobe’s experience in colour matching from Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Lightroom and more — and filter website inventories to show which products are available in these colours. Ultimately, this removes shoppers’ need to manually match their personal colouration to available product colours, accelerating their discovery of apparel that will best compliment them.

True Colors enables a shopping experience for everyone, while also elevating commerce merchants with the ability to deliver personalised experiences. By using data for inclusive purposes, this technology can improve shopping for everyone.