Are your marketing reflexes sharp enough?

As consumers, we’re an impatient bunch. We soon abandon searches, sign-ups, and trolleys if we don’t get what we want – fast.

The stats bear it out. 75% of consumers consider a quick response time the most important aspect of their online experience. And 78% of them buy from the vendor that responds to their inquiry first.

It sounds cutthroat, even Darwinian, but companies really do thrive or fail by the speed of their reactions.

And when disruption happens, that really shows.

Remember when COVID-19 hit us? And arguably, the travel industry got hit the hardest?

Customers started to fall out of engagement and abandon bookings, because they just couldn’t get past the confusion and uncertainty of the latest pandemic restrictions.

Some travel firms couldn’t move fast enough to change how they engaged, to provide the information and reassurance required.

And they really struggled. Many to the point of bankruptcy.

Whereas companies like Center Parcs had sharper reflexes.

Using Adobe Campaign, it incorporated the latest guidance and provided enhanced booking flexibility weeks ahead of other firms.

A new responsive website provided personalised customer journeys across channels in record breaking time.

And it cut its turnaround time for guest emails and SMS communications from two weeks to less than an hour.

“It was imperative that we adapted quickly and communicated with our guests at speed, not just to maintain our usual high standard of service but also, when the time came, to give guests peace of mind when booking their experience online”

Elena Ragone Marriott, Head of Digital and Media, Center Parcs UK

Embrace the need to adapt at speed

Now we’re out of the pandemic, but the need to adapt at speed will always be vital.

Success depends on our ability to swiftly execute a campaign response and respond quickly to changing needs, shifting market demands or emerging technologies.

Adobe Campaign provides the agility to make changes on the fly and respond to market changes at warp speed, while measuring results with analytics, so you can see how its impacting your bottom line.

To learn more, request a demo tailored to your company.