See the human in your data

Is your brand on board with what the customer needs?

In today’s digital world, the competition for consumer attention is fierce. Brands from around the world can reach any customer, so companies must find better ways to stand out.

Personalisation, driven by insights from the data you already have, would be a good place to start. But shifting from capturing data to using it to fuel conversions can be complicated.

Part of the problem is that understaffed marketing teams are often saddled with fragmented technology tools. The majority of marketers work with as many as 20 solutions, each hand-picked to manage a different aspect of their marketing mix.

Multi-tool set-ups can be stressful to manage. Multiple subscriptions and familiarisation with each tool often require more time than teams have available to give.

What’s more, the solutions may not talk to each other. So marketers have to repeat various processes to get results from individual tools. The resulting silos can cripple marketing campaigns with inconsistent, obsolete data.

But accessible, efficient, trusted marketing automation software designed for companies of all sizes does exist. And such a solution offers a single, consistent view of the entire customer journey, enabling you to easily build insightful, relevant campaigns that strengthen customer relationships, boost revenue, and obtain repeat sales. By serving up content that resonates with your customers, you can create clear workflows to spark connections with them and build the loyal customer relationships that fuel growth.

It all begins with your data.

With best-in-class marketing automation technology, you can see beyond the numbers and the complexities to figure out what your customers actually care about. See the people in your data, determine what they actually want, and plan relevant, impactful content tailored to them.

And once you’ve identified the opportunities in the data, Adobe Campaign gives you the space and clarity to deliver and automate these campaigns at short notice.

An Integrated Customer Profile feature means you manage all subscriber data from a single location. And Data Management and Segmentation capabilities enhance how audiences can be developed and enriched in real time.

The numbers speak for themselves:

The takeaway? Consumers are demanding personalisation – and companies stand to benefit from better marketing performance, revenue, and growth.

The good news is that technology provides new personalisation techniques. Our suggestions for moving beyond simply using a customer’s name in an email include:

Send hyper-personalised emails via Adobe Campaign that mention when they recently visited a site, what they’ve browsed recently, and include promotional offers for similar products.

Retarget those who have failed to engage with campaigns with reminders, promotions, or other communications.

Deliver a text message with an offer when someone is near a physical store.

Add an extra personal touch by asking account managers to edit generic pre-written emails.

Adobe Campaign makes personalisation easy.

For example, Walgreens Boots Alliance uses Adobe Campaign to send personalised messages. Patients are invited to schedule their next dose or view their vaccination records, giving the vaccination experience less friction.

Swisscom AG also provides localised experiences for customers anywhere, saving time through seamless workflows.

“The scope of Adobe Campaign was initially focused just on emails. However, we soon realised the full potential of these tools. If a shopper places something in the shopping cart, but then leaves the site, we can use Adobe Campaign to trigger an email that reminds the shopper of the item in their basket.”

Nicolas Mériel, Senior Digital Strategist at Swisscom

Above all, the key to successful personalisation is consistent, accurate, up-to-date data. Data established pre-pandemic – or even during the pandemic - may need refreshing as customers have since changed their priorities and behaviours.

Adobe Campaign helps you refresh the ‘personal’ in ‘personalisation,’ so you can focus on what really drives your customers to achieve the results that you’d love to see.

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