Announcing new Adobe Experience Manager capabilities for rapid delivery of brand experiences

At Summit, we’re announcing Adobe Experience Manager innovations allowing for swift creation of digital assets for various personas.

When you provide an amazing brand experience, your customers are more likely to return, and tell family and friends about their positive experience. This is what every brand strives for when they think about winning in customer experience management (CXM). And yet, what we hear about more often are the bad experiences. Maybe it’s that a brand lost an important order. Or that a brand isn’t getting any customer feedback, because their content isn’t relevant or interesting to whom it’s being served.

A part of the challenge is that most organizations don’t realize that the content they are creating isn’t appealing to their customers. Another issue: enterprises often suffer from departmental silos, meaning the various business units that touch the customer experience don’t realize how their separate decisions impact the overall customer journey.

As consumers continue to raise the bar for exceptional experiences in today’s digital economy, it’s becoming table stakes for brands to not only create compelling content, but to deliver it to the right customer, at the right time. To that end, we’re excited to announce several Adobe Experience Manager innovations allowing for swift creation of digital assets for various personas through artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, and democratizing access to only the best content across the enterprise.

Enabling content automation natively with Adobe Creative Cloud

One of the many pain points when it comes to content creation is the significant amount of time and manual resources it can take to create variations for all the digital channels a brand manages. Think websites, blogs, social media channels, display advertising, and the list goes on. And as the number of channels grow, it’s likely that brands will have to devote even more time and resource on repetitive content variation tasks, which ultimately keep their marketing teams away from other important tasks to help the business grow.

To help increase content velocity, we’re excited to announce Creative Cloud-powered content automation capabilities in Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service. These new features enable marketers and content teams to use one master file to easily automate the development of high-quality, production-ready assets that can be used across channels, all while taking advantage of popular asset editing features from Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. For example, imagine a clothing brand that conducted a photoshoot on the beach, but wants to remove the background from all the images to better showcase the products on the brand’s storefront. With new content automation capabilities powered by Creative Cloud, the brand can upload the images to Adobe Experience Manager Assets then easily automate the removal of backgrounds from the images, all without leaving the Assets application. At launch, the new integration will include tens of popular Photoshop and Lightroom capabilities. They include high-quality Lightroom filters that users can apply at scale within Experience Manager Assets, the ability to record a series of Photoshop actions and apply them on assets, Auto-tone, Auto-straighten, Image Cutout, Smart Object Replace and more.

By taking advantage of popular Creative Cloud capabilities within Experience Manager Assets, marketers can easily automate the creation of new, production-ready digital assets.

“We’re excited about the limitless possibilities of this upcoming integration between Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager Assets. At Under Armour, my team is constantly running Photoshop Actions to batch tasks like applying watermark, resampling image size, converting color profile, applying specific filter or layer effect and other related tasks. Being able to tap into these functions natively within Experience Manager Assets will not only save significant time and resources, but also allow us to manage a single source of truth for our best assets.”

The ability to tap into Creative Cloud capabilities natively within Adobe Experience Manager Assets is expected to be generally available in May 2021. For more info, check out this post.

Even more powerful AI-powered digital asset management

In today’s digital-only reality, many enterprises grapple with consumers’ insatiable appetite for personalized and relevant content across channels. Brands have the seemingly impossible task of constantly spinning out new content, keeping track of all the content that’s being created, and making sure that the best content is properly tagged so that various teams can easily search for and locate it in their digital asset management platform (DAM).

By further leveraging Adobe Sensei, our AI and machine learning technology, with Adobe Experience Manager Assets, we’re helping brands eliminate countless hours that are required to properly tag their digital assets by automating the application of relevant metadata. For content that is uploaded into the brand’s DAM, this integration improves asset management and discovery across a single, centralized asset repository. We are excited to announce these new innovations:

Color Tags will be available in the second half of 2021 and Smart Tags for text is generally available to customers today.

Rapidly creating new experiences with Adobe Experience Manager Sites

More than ever, the global pandemic has served as an example of the need for content agility. Brands today must have the framework to quickly create new content or continuously update existing ones based on the latest information. In the past, overreliance on IT teams to create and maintain a new experience, and functional silos with their own KPIs, have hindered marketers from being able to rapidly deliver new experiences. However, production-ready components, style systems and tools within Adobe Experience Manager Sites have made it faster and simpler for brands today to deliver brand experiences. With the upcoming quick site creation features, marketers will have an accelerated starting point for quickly implementing their designs and delivering compelling experiences like web pages without the need for back-end web development, and all within a matter of days (as opposed to months). Brands can also take advantage of site templates — which are customizable and reusable across brands and experiences — to create production-ready sites ready for content authors to personalize. Lastly, a new front-end workflow allows for front-end developers to customize styles and designs within their coding program before pushing the changes back into Adobe Experience Manager — even as authors continue to build the content.

With the launch of these new capabilities for Adobe Experience Manager Sites, brands now have more flexibility and control over how they approach building compelling experiences, whether it’s for creating quick microsites to support a specific marketing campaign or global, enterprise-scale deployment.

A templated approach to building sites within Adobe Experience Manager Sites means faster delivery of compelling customer experiences.

The new capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager Sites are expected to be generally available in the second half of 2021.

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To learn more about the new Adobe Experience Manager innovations, and how they’re transforming the way brand experiences are created, optimized and delivered, check out the “Fueling the Digital Economy with Content Everywhere” session during Adobe Summit 2021.