Connected Creative Studio: The gamechanger in insurance customer engagement

Connecting creativity and technology key to delivering empathetic, personalized customer experiences at scale.

Gone are the days when the traditional agency model can meet the needs of modern organisations to deliver their customer engagements. Over the last year, the insurance sector’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards, and emphasised the need for, new approaches to customer engagement and customer relationships. Harsh experience has brought home the need to be more agile and flexible in connecting meaningfully with customers in the moment, on the right channel, about what they are doing. Not only that, but those communications must be creative, compliant with regulations, omni-channel-enabled and on-brand.

Simply adding more tools, or introducing new processes often makes the problem worse. Instead, insurance marketers must adopt a new, more connected approach.

Empowering the in-house agency

Lock-down has changed the way we work, and cloud enablement has made it possible to blend in-house and external agency talent into a new connected creative eco-system. Multi-disciplinary teams can work with agility across brand, advertising, design, content, AI and machine learning with workflow management systems enabling both remote and global collaboration.

More empathy in customer communication and far bigger cost-savings have seen the rise of insurers’ in-house agencies producing conversion comms and performance marketing.

Internal teams also have greater control over brand collateral so there is no longer the need to roll out new sets of brand guidelines on a regular basis. On cloud, it is simply a question of changing one central file to keep everything instantly up-to-date.

This allows real-time collaboration remotely and globally. It makes knowledge sharing and networking simple and instantaneous across all territories and maximises the use of different regional teams.

Allowing artificial intelligence to augment human creativity

The future of insurance marketing can be summed up as data-led creativity. Personalised customer experience will be driven by technological innovation that harnesses the full power of creativity, cloud technology, AI, machine learning and data-driven design to deliver campaigns that really connect — consistently and compellingly — with customers.

AI will not replace human ingenuity and artistry — rather it will make space for it by automating all the laborious and repetitious tasks normally associated with running an effective creative agency. Even the repurposing of master content can now be performed by machine.

Such frictionless connection and collaboration in the cloud will enable in-house teams to become highly agile across geographies, leading to the creation of dynamic content with messaging that dovetails with what customers may be thinking, feeling or doing at any particular time.

Product design teams will work seamlessly with creative teams to ensure a holistic approach to optimising customer experience across all touchpoints from the app and website to the social platforms and customer service centres.

A good artist knows how to use their tools

Suddenly, the concept of the in-house global creative agency becomes a reality. But it is dependent on companies utilizing the full potential of the tools at their disposal and optimising them in terms of sharing and empowering. It’s as much about creativity as it is about technical implementation.

The recognised driving force behind this digital revolution is the Connected Creative Studio — a marketing system of record — which combines Deloitte Digital’s creative consulting and technical expertise with Adobe’s cloud platforms. Adopting this approach will make it easier for global organisations, including insurers to centralise collateral across geographies, reducing repetition and risk, while increasing efficiencies and improving customer engagement.

Essentially it allows clients to maximise the effectiveness of the full suite of applications that Adobe offers across the stacks. The tools in Creative CloudXD, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Illustrator — are integrated with the Workfront and Adobe Experience content management system that collects and interrogates data to get real-time insights and feedback on customer behaviours and sentiment.

From silos to ecosystems

When Adobe’s cloud software suites are connected, their value grows further, empowering creatives to think strategically and use first party data to inform them on how best to engage and create, as content demand intensifies across new channels.

Adopting this transformative approach to marketing and content can position in-house agencies at the cutting edge of delivering seamless personalised customer engagement across that multiplicity of channels and platforms.

Strengthening and deepening the customer relationship has long been the holy grail of the insurance sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the need for the insurance industry to become much more agile and responsive in terms of that customer engagement.

About the Connected Creative Studio

Connected Creative Studio — an Adobe-powered marketing system of record — Is an Adobe accredited solution connecting creativity and technology in a powerful ecosystem, blending innovation and imagination, data and design. And it delivers for the creatives, the suits and the geeks anywhere and at any time, seamlessly, simply and successfully.