smart Europe Transforms Electric Car Sales with Real-Time Personalisation, Powered by Adobe

To improve brand experiences across its customer journeys, premium all-electric automotive brand smart Europe has selected Adobe Experience Cloud. smart Europe will use Adobe products to power its new eco.platform for the smart #1 crossover SUV. This will offer customers more choice, flexibility, and features for their electric vehicle (EV) purchases, while enabling a seamless, connected customer experience across all of the company’s online and offline touchpoints.

Acting on customer data in real time

eco.platform serves as the central point of contact between smart Europe and its customers. From EV configurations to custom production requests, downstream services and after-sales support, smart Europe has consolidated every part of the journey into a single, connected brand experience. Adobe Experience Cloud also helps ensure data governance and compliance with data-driven processes to meet regulatory requirements. smart Europe will utilise Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, among other Adobe applications.

Using Real-Time CDP, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, smart Europe can create and continuously update its customer profiles to fuel personalised omnichannel campaigns. This ability to ingest, combine, analyse, and act on data in real-time has been transformative, allowing smart Europe to meet customers’ needs at every turn – and keep them engaged through every stage of their purchasing journey, right from when they start EV research through configuration, purchasing, and post-purchase support.

Delivering one-to-one omnichannel experiences

Adobe Journey Optimizer allows smart Europe to orchestrate and deliver true one-to-one experiences across its online and offline touchpoints. With a real-time visualisation of its omnichannel customer journeys, smart Europe can choose the perfect moment to engage with each customer using the right message delivered, on the right channel. In parallel, Customer Journey Analytics delivers the cross-channel insights smart Europe needs to optimise those customer journeys over time. This single source of truth makes every customer-facing team more data-driven, helping them to understand and improve their customer interactions each day.

“smart has always been a pioneer of urban mobility, and with the launch of smart #1 on our new eco.platform, we are creating a seamless customer experience while remaining true to our DNA,” said Dirk Adelmann, CEO of smart Europe GmbH. “We had to rethink all digital processes, consistently aligning them with customer needs. We are very happy that Adobe, as one of our key technology partners, is supporting us in such an ambitious project.”

“The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation, not only with the adoption of electric vehicles, but also how digital is transforming the driving experience,” said Luc Dammann, President of EMEA at Adobe. “Just as smart Europe reimagined mobility for the modern city, Adobe technology will help them reimagine the customer journey for the demands of modern drivers by offering innovative digital sales and business models, delighting customers with personalised content, in real time, and across all channels.”

Managing content workflows across every channel

Delivering personalised experiences requires a vast amount of digital content. A recent Adobe study found that roughly two-thirds of marketing and customer experience professionals reported that they expect demand for content to grow by 5-20x over the next two years. Managing this scale of content requires a content supply chain that creates, manages and delivers personalised experiences to customers at scale. To that end, smart Europe uses Adobe Workfront to manage its content workflows, from creation to asset management and approvals, and make them more cost-efficient.

Adobe Workfront is fully integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager, which smart Europe uses to manage every creative asset across every channel, including its website, mobile app, social handles and email, as well as the new eco.platform site. By bringing consistency to smart Europe’s content workflows across the European market, Experience Manager has also improved asset compliance across the organisation. Together, Workfront and Experience Manager allow smart Europe to plan, commission, create, manage, edit, use, and customise assets in a single environment, helping to cut costs and reduce complexity across workflows.