Simplifying the car leasing process.

Arval drives quality experiences for customers and partners with efficient Adobe Sign workflows.

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Employees: 750
HQ: Swindon, Wiltshire, UK


day to sign, down from 12 days



Accelerate the sales lifecycle to increase revenue

Stand out in a competitive environment through exceptional service

Increase productivity of sales staff


Reduced signing time from 12 days to 7.5 hours

Minimised risk with secure digital contracts

Improves experience for dealers and customers

Profits increase from productivity gains

“Dealers and brokers have a choice of leasing companies. Having an easy signing process with Adobe Sign sets us apart and encourages partners to give us business.”

Dominic Morton

Head of Sales, Dealer Introduced Business, Arval UK

Finding the perfect ride

To simplify the car buying and financing process, many businesses and recently individuals as well, work with professional car leasing companies to provide them with a vehicle lease. With operations in 29 countries, Arval is a major name in car leasing that supports people on their journey to find the right vehicle solution. Fully owned by BNP Paribas, one of the world’s best-rated banks, Arval is known for providing cost-effective vehicle leasing and fleet management services.

In the UK, Arval is one of the largest vehicle leasing providers, leasing more than 160,000 cars and vans to businesses and individuals. With its direct business, Arval works with dealers and brokers across the UK to match customers with their desired vehicles. The company then purchases the vehicles and sets up a contract to lease them back to the customers.

“The car leasing market in the UK is very competitive,” explains Dominic Morton, Head of Sales, Dealer Introduced Business at Arval UK. “We wanted to accelerate the sales cycle to get customers into new vehicles faster.”

One key to speeding up sales was streamlining contract processing and signing. This is particularly true for customers introduced to Arval through a dealer or broker, as these partners will provide more business to leasing companies that are easy to work with.
Simplifying the journey Arval traditionally relied on a customised leasing system that outputs documents as PDF files, which sales staff emailed to customers. Customers then had to print, sign and mail the copies back to Arval. Once Arval received the signed documents, they needed to be carefully reviewed, countersigned and filed before a dealer could authorise the car sale.

Arval decided to eliminate the paper and go digital and carried out a formal tender to review electronic signature options. Adobe Sign, part of Adobe Document Cloud, was the clear choice. “Adobe is a market leader in document solutions and we had great confidence in the Adobe brand,” says Morton. “I believe Adobe Sign has made our business more efficient and has given us an edge over our competitors to increase sales.”

“It previously took us on average about 12 days to process a contract, but with Adobe Sign, we’re getting contracts returned in 7.5 hours.”

Dominic Morton

Head of Sales, Dealer Introduced Business, Arval UK

Contracts done in hours

Using Adobe Sign, Arval developed a smooth digital workflow to process about 3,000 contracts a month. Sales staff now send the document packet with cost information, an order form and contract through Adobe Sign. Customers simply click the link in their notification emails to view and sign the documents in minutes. Customisable templates allow Arval to brand its white-label services for dealerships as well.

Once signed, documents are automatically returned via Adobe Sign and all stakeholders are notified the contract has been completed. “Dealers like that they get notified straightaway, because they can immediately start processing the car sale,” says Morton. “They used to have to wait for a call from Arval sales staff and there were sometimes delays in communicating the status of a sale. It’s now one seamless transaction.”

Using Adobe Sign, Arval dramatically shortened the contract turnaround time. “It previously took us on average about 12 days to process a contract, but with Adobe Sign, we’re getting contracts returned in 7.5 hours,” says Morton”

Boosting productivity and returns

For Arval, one of the biggest advantages of Adobe Sign is that it can be integrated with a number of enterprise solutions or used independently. “Since integration wasn’t mandatory to start, we could use Adobe Sign straightaway without waiting for development resources to become available,” says Morton.

Developers are currently using robust APIs in Adobe Sign to build integrations between Adobe Sign and the in-house leasing systems. Once complete, sales staff will be able to generate contracts in PDF and send them via Adobe Sign in one step. “Once our leasing system is fully integrated with Adobe Sign, we expect to see a further increase in the productivity of our sales staff,” says Morton. “Sales staff will spend less time processing contracts and have more time to talk to customers, build relationships and grow sales.”

Safer, more secure handling

Arval routinely manages banking information, direct debit payments and other financial details and is subject to the same high standard of regulations as other financial institutions. Adobe Sign helps reduce risk by improving contract security, accuracy and auditability.

With Adobe Sign, digital copies of signed documents are delivered directly to Arval. Due to this added security, Arval now pre-signs contracts sent to customers, which allows the company to process contracts much faster.

Working with Adobe Sign also improves contract accuracy. Handholding customers through the process with a digital solution helps ensure all mandatory fields are completed and that the required information is collected right the first time. Adobe Sign allows Arval to set required fields and keeps the onboarding packet free of mistakes. From the dashboard, sales staff can also view the document status at any time to see if documents have been viewed and by whom and when.

“It was easy to justify our business case for Adobe Sign to our board,” says Morton. “Having a secure and more efficient onboarding process gives our company great comfort.”

An excellent customer experience

The feedback from users has been outstanding, with customers lauding the flexibility to sign a document from any browser, mobile phone or tablet and not have to worry about finding a printer. Dealers and brokers have been equally impressed and no longer find themselves in the administrative-intensive role of shuffling paperwork between Arval and customers. With Adobe Sign, Arval communicates directly with customers, giving dealers and brokers more time to concentrate on their own sales.

“Dealers and brokers have a choice of leasing companies,” says Morton. “Having an easy signing process sets us apart and encourages partners to give us business. Since implementing Adobe Sign, we’ve received lots of positive feedback, which has certainly resulted in an increase in sales.”

While Arval is currently using Adobe Sign for sales, other departments including finance, procurement, human resources and IT are all looking at adopting Adobe Sign to improve processes and meet green initiatives by reducing paper consumption. The Mega Sign capability in Adobe Sign is especially attractive for human resources, as the department often sends information to all employees at once. With the tracking function in Adobe Sign, department managers can see that mandatory notices have been delivered to all employees.

“Adobe Sign has enabled us to improve customer experiences by providing better speed and convenience for our leasing contracts,” says Morton. “By improving the experience, we’re encouraging loyalty that will help us to improve sales in the future.”


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