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How Lush unites digital and physical in their retail experience.




Poole, United Kingdom


Create engaging retail experiences with innovative, visual content


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Make shopping more visually led using strong creative content

Enable teams across different areas of the business to simultaneously work on the same projects

Integrate more technology and innovation into customer experiences

Promote positive brand sentiment

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Improve retail experiences with store layouts, dynamic screens and printed materials that engage customers

Keep projects aligned by managing brand assets and collaborating between teams and across disciplines in real time

Maintain control of user licences while deploying creative solutions around the world at scale

Produce consistent, professional quality creative materials in multiple languages

“Very creative cosmetics, made in a very handmade way.”

Adam Goswell

Tech and Research Lead, Lush

Lush is an ethical cosmetics inventor, manufacturer and retailer

They produce handmade products with organic, naturally and ethically sourced ingredients that are free of harmful synthetics, animal testing and constantly apply their inventor-maker mentality to improve the sustainability and ethical nature of their business.

From their inception 20 years ago in Dorset, UK, Lush has grown a global brand, spanning 56 countries, 900+ shops and a thriving digital business.

They always strive for creativity, from constantly innovating in their retail experience, immersive spa treatments, hair salons to even a kids party area and of course in their core products.

Lush takes their mission for a more natural and ethical beauty industry past marketing tactics by actively minimising the use of harmful packaging, reducing their ecological footprint and promoting sustainability and conscious consumption through collaborative efforts between the company, partners and customers. They also contribute substantially towards charity initiatives with special product lines.

As Lush continues to scale, they are leveraging their creative inventor, manufacturer and retailer DNA to develop business opportunities by applying their ethos to different segments, expanding in and beyond the cosmetic market.

“Our goal is that customers walk out our shops happier than when they walked in.”

Adam Goswell

Tech and Research Lead, Lush

The business challenge

Lush’s brand is built on their clear and transparent core beliefs, with innovation at the core scaling their brand and business around the world.

They translate those very principles to every aspect of the business, from the company culture, products, digital and in-store experiences and design. With new shops opening Lush is constantly improving their retail experiences to drive business growth.

The creative task

With more shops opening globally at a high pace, Lush is constantly seeking to improve their retail experiences at scale.

Leveraging technology and innovation to create more immersive and inclusive retail experiences to ultimately drive business and brand growth.

Using new technological in-store innovations to deliver content around the world at speed and at scale. Delivering a “borderless” customer experience by making shopping more visually led.

By leveraging the strong creative content the aim is to equally develop a more immersive retail experience at Lush shops around the world.

About the professional

Adam Goswell leads technology research and development at Lush.

He’s at the forefront of innovating the company’s approach to technology and is currently heading up the development of new tools using AI, machine learning and augmented reality.

Most recently, this has included developing AI tech to help remove packaging from cosmetics.

About the creative teams

When designing for new shops the first link in the chain is the Retail Design Team, who plot and plan the layout and design of the shop. Their intensive plans include viewing the retail mock-ups in models and in VR to give all teams a good view of how the shop will look.

Working in close collaboration with the Innovation & Development team they imagine the role that technology will play in the retail experience, exploring new ways to shop and learn about products in-store.

The Photography and Film team bring in the content element. All three teams come together to prototype, test, develop and then deploy their creations around the world at scale.

“Adobe Creative Cloud for teams helps us unlock our creativity and deploy at scale across the world.”

Adam Goswell

Tech and Research Lead, Lush

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams role

Lush is constantly pushing the boundaries with their in-store experiences and exploring how they make their shops a destination for their customers to experience the brand and do so in a way that incorporates their core values.

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams powerful tools and integrated workflows unlocks the Lush teams full creative potential. Allowing them to tackle their business challenge through creativity at scale, efficiently and collaboratively.

Integrated dynamic workflows between apps like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro allow Lush creative teams to develop beautiful content for their new immersive retail experiences, resulting in an experience that allows customers to discover products visually on dynamic screens, over reading printed materials as was previously common.

To keep their projects aligned across the many large teams around the world, they rely on Creative Cloud for teams to manage their projects, from organising their files in Creative Cloud files and managing the brand assets in Creative Cloud Libraries to fully utilising the collaborative video workflows.

Providing Lush’s large teams a reliable, integrated workflow that is focussed on a smooth collaboration between teams from different disciplines at scale; meaning they can work simultaneously on the same project real-time across many areas of their business.

Growing and innovating in complexity

Scaling businesses is not just about numbers and profit growth. It’s about creating and managing a complex system which connects emotional and rational facts, from brand sentiment to business efficiency.

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams is a creative partner with products and services to scale businesses like Lush, thought innovative technology and a powerful integrated system.

To launch and update shops around the world, as a frequent task, Lush needs to develop and print collateral materials for each store. The company needs to guarantee consistency and professional quality across all the materials and many different languages.


Expanding and improving Lush entire retail experience to drive business growth.


Using the Adobe Creative Cloud for teams tools and services to develop and integrate more technology and innovation in their customer experience and offer a unique retail experience in every Lush store. Blurring the lines between their digital and physical business.

With Adobe Creative Cloud for teams Lush can develop and deploy creative solutions around the world at scale, combining their speed of innovation with a toolbox that is able to scale with them and enable their rapid growth through deep integrations and efficient workflows.

From their app, Lush Lens - where you can scan products using image recognition and link that to content about the product. Resulting in a reduced need for packaging.


Consider a holistic vision of the process that includes brand, business and company objectives.

Constant innovation in their POS system, using inventive technologies, from their flip-dop and e-ink displays that reduce their carbon footprint to making the most of their store frontage with LED screens - all able to be updated in real-time and remotely with new assets.

Even innovating in their in-store till systems that are now able to connect customers purchasing a product with their digital content around that product and easily cross sell to their other offerings.

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams is a powerful creative system


They use the collaborative features on Creative Cloud for teams to work with different teams across different countries, where teams are growing and shifting in apps, size and complexity Creative Cloud for teams grows with them.


Easily maintaining company control of user licences. With Creative Cloud for teams as a business partner Lush can assure that their innovative ideas will be designed professionally and will engage with their customer base.


This engagement will allow for increased excitement for new product innovations while fostering an open dialogue between customers and Lush’s creative and digital teams.


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