Kicking sports video production into high gear.

MoovIT supports content delivery for the world’s biggest sports events with a workflow featuring Adobe Premiere Pro

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Employees: 25
Cologne, Germany


video clips and hundreds of hours of video produced over a month



Help clients meet video demands ranging from high-definition television broadcast content to social media clips

Adopt a workflow that is open and flexible for maximum productivity

Enable video editors to easily add high-quality motion graphics to video content


4,500 video clips and hundreds of hours of video produced over a month

Streamlined the video editing workflow with third-party integrations

Delivered highly dynamic motion graphics that editors can easily edit and incorporate into content

Reached billions of viewers with sports video delivered to TV, web and social media

“Adobe is the best partner for us to work with. We are able to develop, grow and evolve our business because we have Adobe at our side.”

Jan Fröhling

Managing Director and Lead Project Manager, MoovIT

Entertaining billions worldwide

International football tournaments are some of the most-watched events in the world, easily reaching billions of viewers. For a tournament’s video production staff, there is little room for error. Not only must production teams deliver live event coverage, but also hundreds of hours of player profiles, in-depth interviews, replays and match highlights for broadcast providers, partners and sponsors around the world.

MoovIT uses its video expertise to support video production teams for major sporting events, including European and World football tournaments. The company develops workstations and workflows that help producers and editors deliver hundreds of hours of fantastic video for fans worldwide.

“The broadcast environment is changing,” says Wolfgang Felix, Managing Director at MoovIT. “Our clients don’t just need content for television broadcasts, but also social media and even new types of media such as virtual reality. They need to deliver content as quickly as possible, but without sacrificing quality. Our job is to find creative solutions to solve their workflow problems.”

While the MoovIT team has years of experience to offer clients, the company is only as good as its technology. That’s why it’s essential for MoovIT to have strong IT and creative partners to power its workflows. When the company was first founded, it built its video editing workflow on Final Cut Pro, but it quickly realised that it needed a different solution to meet the international demand for timely content.

Adobe Premiere Pro met all of MoovIT’s needs for a fast and flexible editing environment. Not only does the solution offer powerful built-in capabilities and workflows, but MoovIT could also integrate Adobe and third-party solutions to create a seamless workflow.

“Even as technology evolves, Adobe Premiere Pro keeps us working on the cutting edge,” says Felix. “Feedback from our clients’ production teams has been very positive. They love how intuitive, easy and smooth their video editing workflows are with MoovIT and Adobe Premiere Pro.”

“Using our customised HelmutFX templates built for Premiere Pro, editors can spend less time wrestling with technical details and more time producing content to match the growing demand for media.”

Jan Fröhling

Managing Director and Lead Project Manager, MoovIT

Delivering highlights to viewers faster

During an event, editors may need to work with both live and pre-recorded footage coming from dozens of cameras in multiple locations. Effective asset management is critical for editors to find the footage that they need and deliver content quickly.

Video is ingested into the central server and storage system provided by MoovIT partner EVS. Using a panel integration between the EVS server and Adobe Premiere Pro, editors and producers pull clips directly into Premiere Pro. There’s no need to copy clips to a working server. There’s also no need to transcode footage, as Premiere Pro has flexible native support for all types of footage, regardless of whether it’s being shot on a high-definition arena camera or a reporter’s smartphone.

“It could take several minutes just to ingest a clip previously,” says Jan Fröhling, Managing Director and Lead Project Manager at MoovIT. “With Adobe Premiere Pro and our custom-built HelmutFX solution, editors can drop footage onto a timeline and start editing immediately. Premiere Pro dramatically increases the speed of the workflow, letting editors spend more time polishing the clip while still delivering it faster.”

Producing exciting video for every channel

Broadcast providers and other partners want video content in every format possible. They want to upload short clips to their social media channels, publish special footage to their website and then air highlights on broadcast television. With so many types of video to output, editors need to be able to deliver the right format every time for every channel.

MoovIT built customised templates in Premiere Pro with HelmutFX and HelmutIO applications for different video needs. With just a few clicks, editors can easily output their clips in the right size, resolution and codec to the appropriate delivery location. Clips are automatically tagged with the correct metadata. Editors can also use the customised colour settings created in the Lumetri Colour panel to quickly apply a new colour gradient and visual look to the videos. If the video is for social media, editors can crop still images from the video with the click of a button to create a compelling thumbnail.

“For one major global sports event, we helped the video production team deliver 4,500 clips and hundreds of hours of content over the course of four weeks,” says Fröhling. “They were covering up to four matches a day, so there was no time for delays or missteps. Using our customised HelmutFX templates built for Premiere Pro, editors spend less time wrestling with technical details and more time producing content to match the growing demand for media.”

MoovIT creates many other types of customised panels that take advantage of third-party integrations to automate processes for editors and streamline the editing workflow. One panel connects with a virtual reality application that stitches together images and automates management of the profile data.

The company is also testing a panel that integrates with match feeds to automatically alert editors when teams score goals. Editors follow this alert to quickly access game footage from multiple angles and then export a quick highlight clip in minutes. While still in the editing process, voice artist can help editors generate up to 16 different language versions, also available within minutes of the highlight clip.

“Adobe Premiere Pro has fantastic built-in capabilities, but one of the biggest benefits is how we can build upon those capabilities by integrating third-party solutions,” says Fröhling. “Users can find everything they need in a single, easy interface without needing to switch between tools.”

Creating more complex graphics at speed

MoovIT also takes advantage of the built-in integrations between Adobe Creative Cloud apps to enhance its workflows. Editors can select audio clips in the Premiere Pro timeline and open them in Adobe Audition to remove background noises from an interview or adjust the crowd noise in a highlight. Once editing is complete, the audio is immediately brought back into Premiere Pro, with no need for lengthy exporting and importing actions.

The company also takes advantage of Motion Graphics templates in Adobe After Effects. A designer creates motion graphics, such as an animated overlay that shows stats for a player. The designer predefines the look, including font, colours and scale and exports the design as a template that any editor can open using the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro. Editors simply adjust the values and render the motion graphic as part of the edit.

“We used to have multiple designers working on motion graphics,” says Fröhling. “With Motion Graphics templates, editors can add motion graphics to clips themselves without needing to wait for an available designer. As a result, we’re producing more complex graphics and delivering them faster using fewer people.”

Winning team for video production

Adobe and MoovIT continue to work together to develop even more successful workflows for MoovIT and its clients. Adobe developers and engineers work closely with MoovIT to improve integrations, polish customised panels and help each event run more smoothly than the last.

“We are very impressed with our support from Adobe and how they treat us as a customer, integrator and partner,” says Fröhling. “Adobe even provides on-site engineering support during our big events to make sure they’re a success for everyone. Adobe is the best partner for us to work with. We are able to develop, grow and evolve our business because we have Adobe at our side.”

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