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TF1 conducts digital transformation using Adobe Audience Manager to centralise company data.

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Growth in digital revenue



Refine its customer knowledge

Offer precise targeting for ad campaigns

Personalise the customer experience with content recommendations

Increase digital’s share in the company’s results


20M active users by the end of 2017

Better advertising segmentation

Growth in digital revenue

Optimisation of the customer experience

“Adobe Audience Manager enabled us to centralise the data from our different platforms and optimise our advertiser and audience experiences.”

Olivier Abecassis

Chief Digital Officer of TF1 Group

Changing while re-inventing its business

“We are using Adobe Audience Manager to strengthen our digital transformation and go from multiscreen broadcasting to multiplatform logic,” explains Olivier Abecassis, CDO of TF1 Group. TF1 Group’s audiovisual offer was built around the TF1, LCI, HD1, TMC, NT1, TV Breizh, Histoire and Ushuaïa TV channels and was supplemented by its digital offer on the MyTF1 website.

“We are in a new ecosystem that combines broadcast and digital with totally different consumer habits. We are, of course, adapting our content offering to our audience and to these new habits, but above all, we are working toward offering new customer experiences to our advertisers and our audience,” he adds.

TF1 Group’s digital transformation is re-inventing its business as a producer and broadcaster of audiovisual content. Television is no longer the only media plug socket that can offer series, shows or films. It now constitutes the nexus of a multiplatform system that offers a multitude of ways to watch content. “We are embracing digital innovation to identify—or even anticipate—changing habits and adapt our offer to them,” says Abecassis.

The first stage of this innovation process begins with integrating digital into its broadcasting ecosystem, even if it means shaking up hierarchies and old mindsets. The French drama Bright-eyed Revenge was offered as a paid subscription on MyTF1 before being broadcast on the TV channel, without cannibalising audiences. The Young and the Restless has become a VOD bestseller.

“There are 40 million French people on the Internet and probably around 30 million use on-demand services. We are experimenting and testing without prior assumptions in order to develop our broadcasting model,” explains Abecassis. Diversifying the content offer should help the company expand its audience to include viewers who prefer digital media to television.

“Segmenting our audience based on data analysis enabled us to offer new advertising solutions for our clients and differentiated and contextualised content experiences for our audiences.”

Philippe Toublant

Deputy Director of Data, TF1 Group

Adobe Audience Manager centralises and aggregates company data

The second stage consists of putting data at the core of its strategy. TF1 Group is entrusting Adobe Audience Manager with the major role of aggregating the company’s data. “Data is indispensable to us if we are to better understand our customers, their behaviours and their expectations. We need close, intelligent analysis based on objective data,” says Philippe Toublant, Deputy Director of Data at TF1 Group.

The objective of using Adobe Audience Manager is to centralise the company’s data so it can be analysed more easily and then pushed to all the departments and business units. The challenge is twofold:

1. Promote better ad targeting

2. Offer its audience differentiated, contextualised content experiences

The Adobe data management platform (DMP) enables the company to aggregate MyTF1 assets (IP TV, Android, iOS and Web), sites for the Teleshopping MyTF1 VOD group and other sites for shows produced by the company. “We are working on ad targeting and product recommendations on digital media. Thanks to the DMP project based on the Adobe Audience Manager platform, our advertising department can now offer data-driven solutions,” clarifies Philippe Toublant. Advertisers can choose screens according to consumer targets or consumer interests. They target audiences that precisely correspond to their advertising strategy, which maximises the impact of their message and the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

“Segmenting our audience based on data analysis enabled us to offer new advertising solutions for our clients and differentiated and contextualised content experiences for our audiences,” says Philippe Toublant.

Increasing digital revenue

Today, programmatic advertising and content diversification on platforms are helping boost digital revenue. The next stage leads to content personalisation according to which member of the household is logged in to the television. “We recently changed our log in system on the MyTF1 site. Our goal is to have a base of 20 million active digital users within one year,” says Philippe Toublant.

Personalising the customer experience and content

Ultimately, personalising customer experiences is still the company’s main objective. “The customer experience is the key to our digital transformation,” explains Olivier Abecassis. TF1’s approach to data, combined with content delivery experimentation, will help it to determine different customer journeys.

In B2B, the company has demonstrated its capacity to offer effective, targeted and segmented advertising offers. In B2C, the challenge is its capacity to innovate and deliver the right content experience at the right time. “The younger generations know YouTubers better than our star broadcasters. Innovation is a test-and-learn process: experimenting with new programmes, looking for the complementarity of broadcasting among the platforms and creating new opportunities,” he believes.

Ultimately, TF1 Group sees the development of customer knowledge as the bedrock of segmented television, with an offer that is personalised according to which member of the household is logged in to the TV. “Adobe Audience Manager has enabled us to centralise data, analyse it, understand it and create new models and new offers. In the more distant future, we would like to provide insights into programming and on-air product marketing so as to make it easier to buy series and optimise our programming,” concludes Philippe Toublant.


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