The Manager's Guide to Avoiding 7 Project Portfolio Pitfalls

About the Whitepaper

Do projects seem to appear out of nowhere? Do you find yourself scrambling to pull together reports for executives?

Download this free guide and learn about several project portfolio management pitfalls and how Workfront can help you to avoid them.

In today's "management by projects" mindset, portfolio managers and PMO directors are challenged with ensuring successful project delivery in addition to communicating and managing stakeholder needs across the organisation.

Portfolio managers struggle with communicating progress to executive leadership while trying to aggregate meaningful data from the project teams. Portfolio managers also seek to understand the work in progress without disrupting the project teams' productivity yet need to respond to executive questions quickly.

These are just some of portfolio management challenges portfolio managers and PMO directors face.

Download this guide and learn how to avoid these 7 project portfolio pitfalls:

  1. Ad Hoc project initiation
  2. Poor project estimation
  3. Project planning in a silo
  4. Reporting stale and inaccurate status
  5. Disparate portfolio status reporting
  6. Increase administrative burden with a centralised system
  7. Benefit realisation failure

"Project teams want to deliver. Portfolio managers want to help them to deliver while supporting executive management with better decision-making. By integrating the tools and data used to support project delivery and portfolio management, a lot of these pitfalls are avoided. Analysing and prioritising candidate projects across a project portfolio can be achieved without an integrated solution, however the amount of administrative burden and associated headaches increases."

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