Which Commerce Creator are you?

See how far you’ve come, where your skillset can be boosted and how to take your commerce platform to new levels.

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Get a fix on your best next steps to increase conversion, order values and loyalty. You’ll see how to move closer to the highly personalised, seamless, omnichannel experience you really want to create.

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Adobe Commerce presents… The Commerce Creators

Commerce is a science that relies on creative thinking. Which creator are you?


The four essentials to success

There are four questions split across the following four subjects. See how your efforts balance out across them.

Strategy & Governance

What your teams focus on. How they collaborate and optimise your platform to deliver better customer experiences. And whether those improvements are tracked and reported.

CX & Personalisation

How you optimise journeys and maximise relevance to drive purchases. How you use technique such as automation to personalise customer interaction at a 1:1 level.

Data & Analytics

How you use information to generate insights and optimise interaction. The techniques you’ve adopted, from basic segmentation to data science and machine learning.


How well your setup is customised, integrated, and automated. And how well it can scale, in line with market changes, new strategies, and company growth.

Could you be…

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