The Definitive Guide To Customer Nurturing

About the Guide

How customer nurturing can benefit you

Studies have shown that you lose up to 25% of email subscribers each year due to attrition. When you think of how important those subscribers are for your customer nurture programmes, this loss can have a serious impact on your ability to convert customers over time.

This statistic should be no surprise. Today's customers navigate buying much differently than they did a few years ago. Now, individuals have the ability to educate themselves about brands and products before they even encounter an ad campaign. Information is available from a multitude of channels and while this can make customer communication more complex, it can also build a strong relationship if approached in the right way. This is where the importance of customer nurturing comes into play. Keeping in mind that on average 50% of potential customers aren't quite ready to buy, we can utilise various platforms, like social media, display ads and email, to build and maintain a relationship on the customer's terms until they're ready to make a purchase.

Once in place, a strong nurturing programme goes far beyond monitoring and responding to feedback—B2B marketers can collect data about behaviour including details about the buyer journey before, during, and after purchase. With this, you can help to support your company by driving repeat purchases and rekindling once stagnant opportunities. At the same time, you can increase conversion by creating a more relevant experience for leads and turn existing customers into brand advocates. Additionally, an engagement marketing platform can help you to create flexible, adaptive communications at scale by implementing a customer nurturing strategy and programme.

What's in the guide?

The Definitive Guide to Customer Nurturing will walk you through the entire lifecycle of turning an empowered potential buyer into a returning customer.