Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing

About the Guide

How engaging email marketing can benefit you

It's no secret that consumers are constantly bombarded with information and advertising. This, along with shortened attention spans and modern buying habits, make it easy for consumers to dodge marketing communications that don't feel relevant to them. In fact, after reviewing 130 million IP addresses that sent nearly 20 trillion emails, Experian noted that 85% of all messages received by Internet service providers (ISPs) were classified as spam.

Stats like this sum up why traditional email marketing is no longer enough. The future is in engagement marketing.

While email is still a direct channel to reach customers, email service providers (ESPs), which cannot deliver the detailed metrics you need to engage and convert subscribers into buyers, may be hurting rather than helping you. As an email marketer, you are focused on growing your list of engaged subscribers, yet with irrelevant or unengaging emails, you will lose up to 30% of subscribers each year due to email attrition.

A strong email marketing strategy does more than maintain a line of contact with your buyers. Email marketing gives you the ability to craft a compelling narrative, allowing you to connect with customers in a personalised and engaging way. Developing this relationship requires care and consistency in order to establish your brand as a familiar and welcome presence in your customers' inbox.

"It's one thing to send emails. It's an entirely other ball game to send email that's engaging, timely, targeted and part of an overall integrated campaign. This guide is chock full of actionable tips and suggestions to help get your email marketing message delivered, opened and acted upon. A MUST read.”—DJ Waldow, Founder & CEO of Waldow Social and Co-Author of The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing and The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing

What's in the guide?

This comprehensive guide will teach you the basic tenets of email marketing in today's evolving world, as well as advanced tactics to utilise marketing automation programmes to engage with potential buyers and ultimately increase your ROI.