The Definitive Guide to Pipeline Marketing

About the Guide

How pipeline marketing can benefit you

In a perfect marketing world, every lead would turn into a customer. In reality, unqualified leads drop off at every stage of the funnel, making each stage smaller and less impactful than the one before. So how do marketers maximise engagement and increase impact on growth?

Pipeline marketing is the evolution of lead generation that focuses on the entire sales funnel as it relates to revenue. Pipeline marketing includes all channels, campaigns and activities used to amplify engagement and broaden the funnel. It enables marketing to tie the source of a lead to the amount of revenue actualised with each close to directly measure marketing's success.

In other words, quality over quantity—simply generating more leads will not create more customers, generating more qualified leads will.

What's in the guide?

  • What is pipeline marketing?
    View your sales funnel in its entirety to start making decisions based on the final and most important stage-revenue. Learn how to optimise all aspects of marketing to widen the funnel and maximise marketing's affect on growth. Once a pipeline marketing mentality is adopted, new opportunities will begin to emerge.
  • Attribution models explained
    Learn how to report revenue back to each marketing touchpoint that contributed to a customer. Discover how to apply revenue credit to calculate return on investment (ROI) with an in-depth analysis of single-touch and multi-touch attribution models.
  • Driving demand through search engine marketing
    Once you have the right tracking and attribution in place, it's time to grow. Explore the four types of media campaigns you need to be running to fully take advantage of search engine marketing.
  • Driving demand through paid social media
    LinkedIn has become a major driver of growth for most B2B companies practising pipeline marketing. Learn how targeted ads and promoting events via the online or mobile platform can be an incredibly effective source for driving more qualified leads. 
  • Content marketing for growth
    Content has the opportunity to continue providing value for months and years past its cost to create. Gain a deep understanding of personas, content development and basic best practices for maximum influence and impact. 
  • Best practices for driving conversions with retargeting and nurturing
    So now that you have the lead, what do you do? Create nurture campaigns that include education, objection handling, offers and incentives and a call-to-action (CTA).
  • Report to get (and keep) the team aligned
    Top-notch marketing reporting is a must for any good pipeline marketing organisation. Learn the types of metrics that pipeline marketers measure to make an impact on the business.

Download the Definitive Guide to Pipeline Marketing to learn thought-provoking and actionable takeaways that high-performing B2B companies use to drive revenue and accelerate growth.

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