Personalisation at scale for media, entertainment and telecom

It pays to personalise in the media, entertainment and telecom industries.

Personalisation at Scale: Media, Entertainment and Telecom Industry Spotlight explores the challenges — and payoffs — motivating media, entertainment and telecom (MET) firms to accelerate the adoption of personalisation programmes. Learn more in this Adobe-commissioned Forrester Consulting research study.

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For MET firms, the time is now to consistently deliver personalised customer experiences.

Forrester’s research delivers key findings into personalisation efforts, such as how:

  • Most customers want to be delighted by personalised experiences, yet only 18% of B2C customers said MET firms are meeting their expectations.
  • From an internal perspective, MET personalisation programmes are exceeding expectations by 72% across customer lifetime value, cost savings and revenue.
  • Relative to other industries, MET firms are excelling in areas including advanced data, content and omnichannel orchestration.

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