Episode 1: Applying Data Driven Marketing to Life Sciences

On-demand Podcast  |  37 min  |  Free of charge

The past few months have been unprecedented for life science companies who are having to quickly adapt to new methods of engaging with both patients and health care professionals.

Face to face time with health care professionals has become limited and reps have been forced to move from an in person engagement model to a much more digitally focused approach. However, just because the face to face interaction has been removed doesn’t mean that HCPs aren’t still hungry for information. So how do you ensure that the relevant information is reaching the right HCPs at the right time?

In this podcast, Bharat Sharma, Healthcare Specialist from Adobe speaks to James Walkling and Matthew Penlington from Accenture Interactive about how a multi-channel approach in the world of Pharma & Healthcare can help cultivate meaningful conversations and drive business with health care professionals.

You will learn:

  • How to understand which channels are relevant for your customers
  • How to deliver targeted personalised content for the end user
  • How to use data to understand the needs and wants of healthcare professionals and patients
  • How to build a better customer experience that delivers the right content to the right customer at the right time
  • How to build a digitally integrated programme as part of your overall strategy
  • How to maintain a consistent relationship between reps and HCPs through times of disruption and change
Michael Plimsoll

Bharat Sharma: Enterprise Account Manager - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Life Sciences, Adobe
Bharat Sharma is an Account Manager with Adobe responsible for delivering Personalised Digital Experiences to the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Industry. He has 17 Years of Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices Experience working in Sales & Marketing with an extensive understanding on the core priorities of the NHS. He has successfully launched cutting edge medical technology across multiple therapy areas; from ENT and Facial Implants as well being involved in Spinal, Gynaecology and Colorectal Surgery.One of the biggest highlights in Bharat’s career in medical devices has been working with deaf children and seeing first-hand their reaction when they hear sound through Digital Bone Anchored Hearing Aids for the first time.

Michael Plimsoll

Matthew Penlington: Business Design Lead, Accenture Interactive
Matthew is a Senior Manager and strategist with Accenture Interactive. He has 10 years of Life Sciences experience working with global and local marketing teams on content and digital strategy deployed across multiple marketing channels. He has co-ordinated various marketing business services for a global pharma company working across multiple therapeutic areas, delivering commercial marketing tactics. Matthew recently supported a global vaccines digital innovation team within a large pharma company on both creative and strategic campaigns.

Michael Plimsoll

James Walkling: Senior Manager, Accenture Interactive
James is a Senior Manager from the Accenture Interactive digital practice. An experienced delivery lead, he has led multiple Pharma platform delivery projects, covering Clinical trial management systems (CTMS), Digital platforms, Content Management Systems, Campaign, Analytics, VoD, Webcasting, Social and back office system integrations.

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