The New Automotive Normal – How Industry Needs to Evolve

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Join Adobe’s Axel Heyenga as he speaks to Alistair Vines from MediaMonks about the automotive industry before, during and after the pandemic and how the industry should shape up to the new realities after the crisis.

In this episode, they explore the impact that Covid-19 has had on mobility on a global scale. With a large number of the world’s population resolutely remaining indoors for months on end, travel - let alone purchasing a vehicle - hasn’t been front of mind for many people and businesses. Add to this, the face-to-face nature of buying a vehicle, the fact the manufacturing process includes a supply chain with, quite literally, dozens of moving parts and you can see why car sales have experienced a severe hammering.

In recent weeks the world has begun to open up again. But with the threat of a second wave ever looming and consumers continuing to be wary of public transport, is there an opportunity for the automotive industry to start making a comeback? Can the industry use this forced period of re-evaluation to start overhauling the traditional dealership infrastructure, moving towards business models that are powered by digital experiences and online sales?

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Axel G. Heyenga

Industry Strategy Director Automotive & Retail

As Industry Strategy Director in Automotive, Axel G. Heyenga is driving and leading the global Automotive and EMEA Retail Strategy & GTM at Adobe, helping Automotive & Retail Customers, Partners and our Field to excel in their work. Working with all of the best brands in Automotive and Retail, Axel has the opportunity to see and actively help executives to get the latest on how to build outstanding and differentiating Experiences for their Customers. On behalf of Adobe, Axel is building industry thought leadership & primary research for customers and partners. He is also enjoying speaking at some of the most influential Digital Marketing Events in US & EMEA.

Alistair Vines

Vice President Growth at MediaMonks

Ex-ex-pat and connector of (digital) dots, Alistair is a global thinker and solver of problems. Always available, always getting stuff done.

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