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Adobe Retail Talks: The podcast that dives into why there is an urgent need for a digital-first strategy within the Retail Industry and how it can shape up to new realities.

The host for our podcast is Dorte Wimmer, Director of Retail Institute Scandinavia.

Today we are going to talk about how Retail isn’t just about buying. We will hear from Axel Heyenga and Jan Madsen whom Dorte had the pleasure of meeting at the Retail Talks online event.

Axel is the Industry Strategy Director in Retail and Automotive at Adobe with an expertise in building industry thought leadership and helping Executives to get the latest on how to build outstanding and differentiating experiences for their customers.

Jan Madsen has been the Executive Vice President in Coop Denmark, a leading danish grocery retailer for the last 12 years. Jan is also the CEO of Lobyco, which is the recent carve-out from Coop Denmark selling the successful mobile loyalty platform.

We will take a look at pre-covid trends of 2020, the industry reaction to the crisis and how to build a new digital strategy to secure customer engagement in the pursuit of becoming a digital leader.

At the end Dorte Wimmer will share a piece of advice on the single most important thing to consider when leaping into this transformational journey; be sure to listen all the way through!

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Jan Madsen

Executive Vice President Coop Denmark A/S, and CEO of Lobyco A/S

Jan Madsen has been an Executive Vice President in Coop Danmark, a leading danish grocery retailer, the last 12 years. Prior to Coop Denmark, Jan has held management positions in Nestlé, Carlsberg and McKinsey & Co. Jan Madsen is the CEO of Lobyco A/S, which is the recent carve-out from Coop Denmark selling the successful mobile loyalty platform.


Dorte Wimmer

Director Retail Institute Scandinavia

Dorte Wimmer has worked with retail trends and consumer behavior for more than 15 years in both Danish and international companies – among other things with food. Dorte Wimmer is an expert in current and future retail and consumption patterns.

She has extensive knowledge and insight and knows how companies should act to win the consumers’ loyalty. This knowledge ranges from strategy and branding to purchasing behavior and cross channel strategy to implementation. She is a very experienced lecturer in Denmark, Europe and Asia and was nominated ’lecturer of the year’ in Norway in 2016.

Dorte is the auther behind several books about retail and consumers, for example: Consumer of the future: Generation Y, Global Retail Trends & Innovations and the latest release, Refresh Retail.

Axel G. Heyenga

Industry Strategy Director Retail and Automotive, Adobe

As Industry Strategy Director in Retail & Automotive, Axel G. Heyenga is driving and leading the EMEA Retail as well as the global Automotive Strategy & GTM at Adobe, helping Customers, Partners and our Field to excel in their work. Working with all of the best Brands in Retail & Automotive, Axel has the opportunity to see and actively help Executives to get the latest on how to build outstanding and differentiating Experiences for their Customers. On Behalf of Adobe, Axel is building industry thought leadership & primary research for Customers and Partners. He is also enjoying speaking at some of the most influential Digital Marketing Events in US & EMEA.

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Adobe is focused on helping our customers remain well-positioned for business continuity, and to stay agile in today’s challenging times when things are quickly changing. Business continuity is not about a moment in time, it’s about adapting to the current environment and innovating as you go along.

This may require rapid pivots to build your position of trust and to continue to gain customer confidence. One thing is certain – digital engagement will be among the most powerful assets in every organisation’s arsenal for responding effectively and decisively to this and future challenges.

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