Get personal, build customer trust.

Digital transformation has changed the way businesses interact with customers. Historically, customer trust was built on quality of product and brand reputation. Now, the digital economy puts the customer experience at the centre of all transactions.

Find out how to advance your customer experience strategy with our industry insights whitepaper Building trust through digital experiences.

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Building trust across your brand.

Whether selling to consumers or businesses, brands earn trust by keeping the promises they make to their customers across the entire relationship. A breach of this trust can have a serious impact on the brand’s reputation, growth, and bottom line.

Our whitepaper Building trust through digital experiences looks at how personalised experiences build trust between brand and consumer. Case studies from global brands reveal the approach they have taken to build trust with their customers and how that trust has impacted their business.



Real Madrid: winning fans’ loyalty

With the help of Adobe, Real Madrid is building trust, creating hyper-personalized experiences and successfully engaging with 600 million fans around the world. The club wanted to use all their touchpoints – digital and non-digital – to create a fan experience that was unique to each individual. Their partnership with Adobe gave them the ability to gather incremental data-driven insights across every interaction so they could continuously improve their customer engagements.

“How do we make that journey better, more special? Can we surprise and delight our fans in that moment? How do we take that data, that event that happened, and make sure we’re personalising that experience through their app, through the stadium app, through all of the different digital touchpoints we have?”

Michael Sutherland,
Real Madrid’s Chief Technology Officer.

Trust – step by step.

Every interaction you have with your customer is relevant to building trust. Connection happens when people, processes, and systems are aligned and focused on creating valuable 1:1 relationships.

Investing in technologies to build customer experiences can deepen relationships and reinforce loyalty and trust as customer expectations change.


of consumers say that relevant content delivered at the right time and place boosts their trust.


of consumers say they trust AI to improve their customer experiences to at least some degree.

Download the whitepaper Building trust through digital experiences to find out how global brands inspire and build trust with their customers.

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