Why good data governance is key to consumer trust and personalisation.

Customer data can be the differentiator in business – but it has to be managed responsibly. Regardless of how quickly governments or businesses move to protect customer data, consumers are demanding action now.

Being transparent, asking permission, giving customers control over how data is used and keeping it safe are core expectations of digital relationships.

Read how good data governance is both an opportunity, and a necessity for any brand looking to build lasting customer relationships.

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Don’t collect data for data’s sake. Less is often more.

Asking customers for less data will keep marketers ahead of evolving regulation and also help teams focus. It results in increased data accuracy, usability, and compliance. This enables organisations to improve data management and offer better, personalised experiences to customers.

“By taking a step back and asking, ‘why am I collecting this data in the first place?’ and approaching data through a customer experience mindset, we encourage a different type of collection, interpretation, and activation.”

Richard Lees, Chief Strategy Officer EMEA at Merkle

Build a culture of respect to enhance personalisation and customer trust.

BA good data culture can also mean a respectful culture. To deliver engaging customer experiences, brands need to buy into the idea of a fully data-driven business. This puts the customer at the centre of everything, ensuring a consistent, quality experience.

“It takes time to build trust and you can lose it overnight.”

Serge Raffard, Group Strategy and Marketing Officer, Allianz

Data is the differentiator in driving experiences and loyalty.

Effective data governance will help brands build trust with customers. Understanding how data is collected, analysed, and used means a more intelligent, structured foundation, for customer loyalty and growth.

“Progressive brands should seek to rebalance the value equation, thinking about how they can use data to create value for the customer, not just about how it can profit their own businesses.”

David Lloyd, EMEA Managing Director, Wunderman Thompson Data

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