Why empathy, data and AI are key to consumer trust.

Customer loyalty is essential. It helps build a great reputation. It helps build trust. Which is great for business. But what if there is a disconnect between what customers want and expect, and what brands are actually offering and delivering to customers? With ever increasing consumer expectations towards digital experiences, how can brands build more trust online? Hear what two leading experts think about trust, and how brands need to behave, to build that trust.

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Empathy means business. Listen and learn.

It’s not a woolly word. Empathy has real business value. How brands listen and respond to customers is key to creating a lasting and valuable rapport. This is the foundation on which personalisation can be enabled, and trust can be built.

“We can truly deliver personalisation through empathy and intelligent data management, creating connections with consumers that can be really significant.”

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos, UCL

Trust is multi-faceted. It’s not just about me.

If a business treats its employees well and has a respected stance on ethical issues, customers are more likely to trust that business. Customers want to know the whole story, and believe in that story. Employees too want to trust the business and be ambassadors for the business. But how do businesses earn the trust of their employees?

“You have to walk the talk. You can’t build trust with employees if your actions are not matching your words. Building trust starts at the top.”

Thomas Barta, Global
Marketing Leadership Expert

Lighthouse projects for boardroom buy-in.

How do businesses change and build trust from within? Businesses need to know where to focus their energies. They need to use the data to understand customers, recognise the internal and external challenges and use the technology to enable meaningful change. Watch our expert discussion, to learn how to build a strong digital foundation that is built on consumer trust.

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