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A holistic view of the customer. A single version of the truth. One vision of the future.

“Consumers are seeking phenomenal experiences …

Think in terms of a subscription model, where people can grow their subscriptions with every click.”

Shantanu Narayen, Chairman, President & CEO at Adobe


What’s next in Bupa’s digital transformation?

Becoming the world’s most customer-centric healthcare firm requires the right suite of digital tools. Learn how a data-driven operating model provides a holistic view of each customer, replacing data silos with a single source of truth.

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New tactics for exceptional healthcare experiences

Leading organisations in financial services and healthcare have already made the leap to digital transformation. They’ve prioritised a switch from legacy platforms to solutions that allow for continuous improvement with cutting-edge AI. Kieran Smith, Adobe strategist for financial services, explains how to meet customer expectations with a modern digital experience platform, and touches on the existing relationship between Bupa and Adobe.

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Adobe Bupa Gartner report summary

Choosing the right platform makes all the difference

Article | Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms

What matters most when choosing a digital experience platform? Perhaps it’s getting all employees on the same page as they work to create unique customer experiences. Or perhaps it’s a system that can easily integrate with existing tech. Read Gartner’s in-depth analysis on some of the most popular digital experience platforms.

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A single view of your customers helps you make them feel unique

Article | What real-time customer data can do

All the data in the world is no use when you can’t use it effectively. You need a clear view of your customers’ behaviours and attributes. The right platform gives you access to a single customer profile, so you know when, where and how to speak to your customers.

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Adobe Bupa Real time customer profile

Get inspired by other financial services and healthcare brands

Adobe Bupa 1

TSB creates better omnichannel experiences with Adobe

TSB wanted to make experiences consistent across all their channels. Using real-time customer data they they were able to speak to their immediate needs. We stepped in and helped TSB deploy our Adobe Experience Platform. The results? A 200% increase in sales after nine weeks and 92% of customers opting to use digital self-serve tools.

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Adobe Bupa 2

NatWest trusts Adobe to tackle digital transformation

NatWest wanted a committed and experienced partner to support them in their digital transformation journey. Since the bank had an existing relationship with Adobe, bringing our Experience Cloud and Real-Time Customer Data Platform onboard were easy choices. Now NatWest can analyse the behaviours, needs, and interests of customers in real time and to the highest privacy standards.

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Adobe Bupa 3

Sanofi uses Adobe tech to support customer’s health journeys

Sanofi needed to communicate the right scientific information to physicians. They partnered with Adobe to make this process as streamlined as possible. Understanding what kind of content healthcare professionals want to see helps Sanofi provide them with data that adds value for both care-providers and their patients. With Adobe, Sanofi has real-time access to actionable insights that make their marketing decisions data driven.

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Put your data to work in real time

Discover how the Adobe Experience Platform can help to orchestrate all your data to deliver a truly connected care experience. With robust customer profiles that are updated by the second, you’ll never miss an opportunity to deliver the right message. And, because the Adobe Experience Platform integrates with other tech without any headaches, you’ll get your whole team on board in no time.

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Chris Docwra Account Executive


Simon Murray Practice Lead FSI, Digital Strategy Group


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