Ready to see who your customers really are?

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Hear from our customer Signify, the world leader in lighting, how they powered up their Adobe Campaign solution with Adobe Real-Time CDP.

Through Signify’s concrete use case and our experts’ demo, learn how with the two solutions combined, you could:

  • Collect known and pseudonymous data from across your customer touchpoints, including customer service and sales data to achieve a single customer view.
  • Create and activate customer segments in real time.
  • Activate profiles for your Facebook campaigns for audience targeting and personalisation.

Watch this on-demand webinar and get ready to magnify your marketing and unleash the true potential of your marketing data.

Our customer and expert speakers:

Manuel Diez

Product Owner eCRM &Personalisation B2C

Carlos Duez

CJM Go To Market lead Western Adobe

Jo O’Connor
Principal Solutions Consultant
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