Marketing is like a bet that Workfront helps you win.

Adobe Workfront helps companies like Flutter, who operates the world’s leading digital sports betting and gaming brands, win at the marketing game in a fast-moving, highly-regulated market.

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Marketers face an increasing demand for personalised digital campaigns and content delivered at speed and scale.

Adobe Workfront is the first work management application for the gaming and betting industry. Using the power of Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud, Workfront help companies like Flutter to be outcome oriented and efficient, letting them effectively launch compliant products and campaigns into market and deliver better customer experiences.

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Discover how Workfront unites marketing teams by giving them a single point of truth and providing seamless communication and collaboration. By empowering team members to accurately prioritise work and allocate employees and resources, Workfront allows marketers to do more with less. Learn more below.


Sage: Thinking about work differently.

Discover how Sage, a leading software company, connected a globally dispersed marketing team — from brand to operations and SEO teams — while streamlining their workflows and processes to align strategy to delivery.

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How COVID-19 changed digital work.

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5 ways work management boosts global collaboration.

Some of the tools that marketing teams rolled out to make remote working possible during the pandemic could actually be hindering productivity. Learn how work management technology can help marketers in today’s work-from-anywhere world.

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Workfront ensures that gaming and betting companies stay on top of the fine details of regulatory and compliance pressures by connecting and managing every thread of work flowing through the enterprise — as well as streamlining approvals by ensuring stakeholders have the info they need in one place.

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By automating processes, connecting strategy to execution, and orchestrating every part of a campaign, Workfront accelerates delivery of new and existing campaigns. With Workfront, organisations can ensure the right people are working on the right project at the right time. Learn more below.


Creativity, and the need for speed.

The administration in modern marketing leaves many creatives feeling like there’s little room for creativity — leading to tardiness and burnout. But it’s possible to manage digital work processes so they work hand in hand with creativity and speed.

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Seven solutions for taming marketing project management chaos.

The vast majority of marketers say they are overloaded. There are ways to manage heavy workloads, but finding the right solutions, you to first understand the true sources of all that marketing work chaos.

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The expert take on flawless campaign execution.

We spoke to seven marketing experts. Find out why they believe anticipating change and prioritising the right work is the key to orchestrating campaigns and content that achieves measurable results.

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