The next experience revolution is here.

We’ve taken a giant step into the digital, data-driven future of customer experience - but only the first one. The next experience revolution is where the beat kicks in. It’s about lifting the pace of data and content, with AI and automation. Personalising experiences, real-time. And creating authentic relationships with customers that drive sustainable, profitable growth.


Step changes

The data foundations are established.
Experience-led organisations have begun to take it to the next level.

of marketers say customers now expect “much better experiences.”

of consumers report trying new brands to reduce costs.

of marketing leaders rely on AI to meet their growth targets.

“AI will fundamentally change again the way we do business. It will significantly increase the level of digital interaction by improving its quality. Anticipating needs and personalising offers will increase. In five years from now it’ll be a different landscape.”

Stephan Segbers, Chief Operating Officer, Essent (part of E.ON group)


Accelerating experience.

This year, we interviewed and surveyed a cross-section of EMEA leaders in customer experience. How are they balancing short-term budget pressures and increased brand switching? How are they guiding their companies towards long-term, value-adding relationships with customers? What role is AI playing in their CX today? Their answers are exciting - there’s an experience revolution under way.

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“If you allow yourself to be informed by what customers want, this beautiful connection happens.”

Maria Møllerskov Jonzon, Strategy and Business Planning Leader, IKEA

Businesses must differentiate themselves through experience, deliver more value, ease of use, and relevance to their customers to build enduring trust and loyalty. Experience-led growth today builds sustainable, profitable growth into the future.

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A win for every executive

Are you trimming your budgets? Going for growth? Pushing for productivity? To get there through the power of great customer experiences, take a moment to listen to what your peers around the business need. Competitive edge begins with those human connections.

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Survive and thrive

Becoming an experience-driven business is no longer a luxury. It’s a business imperative for sustainable, profitable growth. You can now apply powerful innovations everywhere across the CX lifecycle. Take a quick stroll through our map of the components. Review how you’re doing, and identify your next priorities - whether for efficiency, growth, or both!

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Competing with authenticity

Delivering personalised experiences doesn’t have to conflict with privacy expectations. How will you respond to each customer’s needs in a post-cookie world? Our guide reviews the role authenticity can play. Give employees, customers and stakeholders confidence to engage with each other, creating sustainable value.

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Let’s talk growth

Conversations with experience leaders

We’ve interviewed marketing and CX thought leaders across EMEA and surveyed 2,000 CX professionals to understand the real changes taking place in their companies and their markets. Join us and listen-in on a selection of these conversations and their growth stories.

https://main--bacom--adobecom.hlx.page/uk/fragments/modal/videos/growth-comes-from-experiences/video2#play2 | Growing with customers


Growing with happy customers

Join us as we learn from IKEA’s Maria Møllerskov Jonzon how they’re achieving growth through more responsible experiences and happier customers.



Growing with human connection

Listen in on our conversation with Marco Bragadin, ING’s CX leader, as he shares how mature CX teams keep innovating.

https://main--bacom--adobecom.hlx.page/uk/fragments/modal/videos/growth-comes-from-experiences/video1#play1 | Growing with human connection
https://main--bacom--adobecom.hlx.page/uk/fragments/modal/videos/growth-comes-from-experiences/video3#play3 | Growing with competitive advantage


Growing with competitive advantage

Hear from Stephan Segbers, Chief Operating Officer, Essent (part of E.ON) as they share how they’re keeping up with the competition.

Together, we create change

Leaders need a partner that supports them end-to-end, helping to turn data and content into great experiences. The pace of change is about to accelerate again - those who move today will grow tomorrow.

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