Unpacking the most critical shift in consumer behavior for decades (so pay attention)

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Sustainability has become important for businesses. Not important like it used to be, where widespread use of recyclable materials and an aspirational CSR commitment on your website was enough.

We mean really, critically important.

Consumers are looking for genuine reassurance that the businesses they’re buying from are committed to a better future for everyone, and they won’t buy what you’re selling if they don’t believe you’re an authentic part of the solution.

To further complicate matters, thanks to a mass shift to online during the pandemic, hyper-convenient, digital first customer experience that really stands out is now of paramount importance to today’s savvy buyer. Inconveniently this often contradicts the consumer commitment to sustainable practices. Working out how to unite the two is the new challenge businesses must undertake.

There’s no two ways about it. As a business, if you miss the mark on either or both of these critical consumer demands, you’re in trouble. Reputation, profitability, longevity. Everything is on the line.

Using important data from Adobe’s 2021 survey into sustainability and customer experience, this whitepaper aims to provide you with:

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