Why Zero-Party Data Holds the Key to Improved Personalisation.

A paradox is on the horizon for marketers.

Customers want more from brand experiences. But the ability to collect and personalise through third-party data is reaching an end. How brands respond to this paradox will determine the winners and losers for years to come.

Many are getting ahead by investing in first-party data. Brands that already invest in personalisation have seen their revenue increase by as much as 20%. But to create personalised experiences that truly delight, zero-party data holds the key.

In our webinar, The Art & Science of Data Collection: Power growth, while delighting your audiences and fans*,* you’ll learn:

  • The growing importance of marketing personalisation, from inspiration to purchase
  • What zero-party data is and how to use it
  • How the right customer data platform brings it all together
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