The Path to Personalisation without Third-Party Cookies

The era of personalising with third-party cookies is reaching an end. Instead of anxiety, marketers should feel excitement. After all, do you really feel like third-party cookies are creating good personalisation experiences?

72% of consumers say bad personalisation decreases their trust in brands. Marketers are wise to get proactive about crumbling their cookie dependencies.

Using first-party data to drive personalisation is a winning move. But in order to get there, you will need the right tools—and more importantly, the right strategy.

Our guide, Thinking Beyond the Cookie: Your complete guide to a world without third-party cookies*,* will get you started. Within you’ll discover:

  • The challenges of cookies and how to move beyond them
  • Strategies for obtaining first-party data
  • A step-by-step guide for creating your own cookieless marketing program
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