Tomorrow’s CMO: Marketing’s generation of change.

Adobe Workfront commissioned Arlington Research to interview 1,100 marketing managers, directors, and SVPs within enterprise organisations in five countries.* The results reveal the skills the CMO of tomorrow will need.  


*The UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Australia

Explore the vision that tomorrow’s CMOs have to shake up the future of marketing.

Since the start of the pandemic, the mind of senior marketers has focused on the processes and tools that will help them drive growth, whatever the challenge — and they’re determined to build their ideal marketing future. Find out what they’re thinking now and how organisations can support the next generation of marketing leaders. 

Here’s some of what the report revealed about the CMOs of tomorrow.

  • They are technologist - 45% said technology is most valuable to improve the speed of processes and make efficiencies.
  • They will build a culture of hybrid creativity - 71% of marketers feel that creativity suffered during the pandemic. 
  • They want to expand the marketing skillset - 31% most value the skills of data analysis, financials, project management, and coordinating workloads. 

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“The next generation of CMOs are an inspiring generation of changemakers looking to improve the industry and the workplace for the rest of us, and those coming behind them. Our role as senior marketing leaders is to provide them with the resources, and the technology, to affect that positive change now.”

Alvaro Del Pozo, VP International Marketing, Adobe

Get the report to learn how to empower tomorrow’s CMO.

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