3 Ways to Turn Busy Work into Real Work - the value of integrations

About the Webinar

Only 40% of your day is spent doing the job you were hired to do. Why? Because you spend a lot of your day doing busy work. Going to unproductive meetings, tracking people down for approvals and task switching.

Are you utilising the Workfront platform to its true capability? Monique at Stanley Black & Decker has been able to turn busy work into real work by integrating Workfront with other business systems.

In this webinar, we will show you how and why you should create, manage and monitor integrations between Workfront and other applications to bridge the gap between the platform and your other business applications.

Join Monique and Richard Whitehead, Director of Product Marketing to learn 3 ways integrations can boost productivity within Marketing departments, ensure people are working on the most important work and ultimately achieve measurable business outcomes.

Get back to doing the job you love and were hired to do and stop the busy work!


  • Richard Whitehead: Workfront : Director, Platform Marketing
  • Monique Evans: Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. : Workfront System Analyst

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