Animated Graphics Webinar
Create, Edit and Implement Your Art

On Demand webinar | 45 min | Free of charge

Animation is a powerful tool that can turn heads and inspire action. This animated graphics webinar will teach you how to transform your creative with After Effects, Premier Pro and Adobe Stock. Register today and put industry-leading animation software at your fingertips.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use video effects and motion graphics in your projects
  • How to effectively edit footage when working with video workflows
  • How to implement the millions of images, videos and 3D assets in Stock
  • How to create and save your compositions as templates you can use again

What’s included in this animated graphics webinar?

You can only unleash the potential of animated content once you know the shortcuts, tricks and tools at your disposal. Say goodbye to average – this animated graphics webinar will show you how to make video that connects with your audience.

  • Discover how Adobe Creative Cloud can transform the way you edit graphics and images alongside your videos.
  • Brush up on the features of the powerful After Effects application for adding animated graphics and motions to video workflows.
  • Discover expert tips and tricks to get the most out of your video editing with Premiere Pro.
  • Learn how to create and save your latest creations as templates for your future projects.
  • See how Adobe Stock integrates with Creative Cloud tools.

Sign up for our animated graphics webinar and dial up the standard of your video content.


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Richard West
EMEA Manager, Adobe Stock
Eran Stern
Adobe Expert
Eran Stern has established a track record in helping designers to improve their skills with visual effects and motion graphics. He created a handful of online courses for LinkedIn Learning as well as his own site You can find him right on the verge between geekiness and coolness.