Business Proposal Webinar

Create an Intelligent Concept

On Demand webinar | 20 min | Free of charge

An engaging business proposal can give you the edge over your competitors and help you land your next client. Discover how to create eye-catching business proposals that make your business look irresistible to prospective clients. Starting with an innovative proposal framework, we’ll take you through the content that will give your next sales pitch an added boost. Register for our business proposal webinar to transform your new biz success.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to design and create intelligent business proposals
  • How to personalise your proposals to your customer’s needs
  • How to combine multiple files and presentations into one proposal document
  • How to make your proposal documents searchable

What’s included in this business proposal webinar?

A personalised, engaging and easy-to-navigate business proposal can help you get in front of your clients. With Acrobat Pro DC you can tailor your proposals, combine documents and access your offering remotely with cloud storage. In this business proposal webinar you’ll learn how to achieve ultimate success with a business proposal that ticks all the boxes for your prospects.

  • Learn how to create a navigable table of contents for your business proposals.
  • Find out how to design persona-tailored proposals using Acrobat Pro DC.
  • Discover how to make your proposals searchable with hyperlinks to key sections.
  • Understand how to combine multiple documents into one offering.
  • Unlock the full potential of your business proposals with Acrobat Pro DC.

Power up your service offering by registering now for our business proposals webinar.


Colin van Oosterhout
Principal Solutions Consultant

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