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With a digital presence across a vast number of markets in a variety of languages, measuring, managing, and updating dynamic content to promote your brands and products can prove tricky.

By looking for more control to ensure brand compliant communications, along with quality, cross-platform and cross market standardisation, Philips recognised that Adobe had a solution worth investigating.

The electronic products manufacturer found that by introducing a fully integrated platform to bring everything together, it could empower their 500+ content authors, despite them being stretched across a vast number of regions.

Watch this webinar to find out how Adobe Experience Manager has enabled Philips to achieve:

  • 20% increase in clicks to buy
  • 635% increase in newsletter sign ups
  • A vast increase in product views of 24%
  • Purchases increase by almost 28%.
  • Plus, how they did so by easily migrating 1.4 million pages and 350 users to the new service through a smooth 30-minute transition.

Importantly this technology is suitable for both large and small companies. By putting the right digital systems in place, you too can empower your marketing and brand teams with the capabilities to test, evaluate and launch enhanced content and experiences to market quickly.

As well as eliminating barriers to sale from any device, by harnessing the dynamic media capabilities within Adobe Experience Manager and delivering on-demand, optimised product images and video, you can drive customer engagement across all platforms. All with ease and efficiency.

By watching this webinar you will also see how Adobe is helping companies to:

  • Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction scores
  • Create digital support materials that enable customers to self-serve
  • Scale new products and innovations quickly across markets
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