In high tech, it pays to personalise.

Personalisation at Scale: Technology and Technology Services Spotlight explores the challenges — and payoffs — motivating high-tech firms to accelerate the adoption of next-generation B2B experiences. Learn more in this Adobe-commissioned Forrester Consulting research study.

For high-tech firms, satisfying buyer demands means delivering unmatched B2B experiences.

Forrester’s research sheds light on the importance of personalisation, such as how:

  • Most customers want to be delighted by service experiences, but only 34% of B2B buyers said technology firms are meeting their expectations.
  • Next-generation B2B experiences are exceeding expectations for high-tech firms across revenue, customer experience, and customer lifetime value, each by 73%.
  • High-tech firms are setting the standard for personalisation capabilities across data, content, and omnichannel orchestration.

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Uncover the trends driving today’s personalised experiences — and how you can stay one step ahead.

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