Content Insights

Content insights provide performance information about every page you author, using web analytics and SEO recommendations. Make better content decisions with reports on total page views, unique visitors, time spent on page, bounces, sources, and campaign performance.

Get to the top. Of the search rankings, that is.

Once a page goes live, your job has just begun. You need to know how that page performs so you can make changes to improve it. You also need to know what impact those changes have on performance. But you have a lot of pages to worry about. You don’t have time to search for the data you need. It needs to be easy to find, and accurate.

With content insights, get information on total page views, unique visitors, time spent on page, bounces, sources, and campaign reports. Content insights layout also changes based on the size and orientation of your device, so you can get information on the go. It’s not just data — it’s the insights and recommendations you need to improve your SEO.


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Page-level insights

Access data for every page you author to improve specific offers and campaigns.

Customizable reporting periods

Set the time frame for reported data, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Reports automatically refresh each time you change the reporting period, and visual clues help you compare the performance of each version.

SEO recommendations

Review a checklist of features indicating which features the page contains to help search engines find it. The report also recommends features that you can add to improve the visibility of the page to search engines.

Multiple report options

Select from a variety of reports providing detailed information, including number of page views, how the users accessed the page, number of bounces, and the average time users spent on page.

Campaign-level insight

View data for each campaign the page is included in to see page impressions and conversions for each segment targeted.

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See what your webpage will gain with views, engagement, sources, bounces, and much more in our Help section.

Analyzing page performance.

Learn how to set the reporting period, assign SEO tasks to developers, and improve page visibility in our Help section.

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Responsive web design

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Rules-based targeting

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Targeting insights

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