Business intelligence

Eliminate all data challenges with a central solution that lets you analyze what is most important.


Identify your best customers with real-time business intelligence

To harness your data’s true value, you need the ability to centralize and manage it all. Our business intelligence feature delivers a singular solution for all your commerce data with cloud-based hosting, rich visualization capabilities, and robust report building tools.

Adobe Commerce simplifies monitoring your business health, with dashboards displaying everything from average order value to customer lifetime value and retention rates. With these powerful insights, you can personalize engagements across all channels and demonstrate the business value of your teams activities. | Business

Business Intelligence Store

A single home to store your data

Integrated data pipeline and data warehouse technology.

  • Directly integrated with your Adobe database
  • Multiple ways to connect other systems
  • Full-stack, automated data replication technology
  • Central cloud-based warehouse for consolidated data
  • Extensive control and management

A dedicated space to analyze

One platform to turn data into value.

  • Create calculated columns and join tables
  • Customize and standardize your business metrics
  • Build analyses with the easy-to-use report builder
  • Query your entire data warehouse for specific results
  • Extend the use of your data with export capabilities
Data warehousing management
Data warehousing management

A whiteboard to visualize

Visualizations and tools to share insights with everyone.

  • Turn your data into something visual
  • Access pre-built reports on day one
  • Stay organized with unlimited dashboards
  • Empower users with various user permission levels
  • Schedule and send analysis right to people’s inbox


Stunning visualizations with dynamic scatter and bubble charts

Drive deeper analyses by adding a related third dimension to any report. Go from plotting x and y values to plotting x, y and z values which are represented by the size of the bubble. Group the bubbles by another attribute to segment even further and change the bubble colors.