Personalised retail experiences win.

Retail isn’t just about buying. It’s about building emotional connections for long term loyalty. That’s why successful retailers create personalised experiences that standout – experiences that are in synch with the customer at every moment on every channel. And they do it with unified data, dynamic content, and AI at scale.

Getting the sale with personalisation at scale

A Forrester and Adobe study on the state of personalization in retail.

Digital Trends 2022 Retail

An inside look at retail’s 2023 digital trends.

Dive into Adobe’s 2023 Digital Trends - Retail in Focus report with Econsultancy and uncover how retailers are tackling challenges to inspire teams, boost efficiency and improve workstream processes.

What can Adobe do for retail?

Personalisation for every customer, on every channel, in real time.

As consumer experience expectations accelerate, experiences must evolve - personalisation is no longer optional in the experience economy. Brands need to deliver personalisation at scale. Adobe can help brands deliver this through the 3 pillars of Content, Data, and Journeys.

Unified Retail Data

Creating single view of customer & managing data responsibly.

Enterprise Content Management & Collaboration

Accelerating content & scaling personlisation across channels.

Real-Time Retail Journeys

Orchestrating shopper journeys with decisioning & automation.

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Foot Locker


"Our digital transformation effore were triggered once we realized that our customers were at a level of digital maturity where they stopped differentiating in-store experiences from dot-com, and vice versa."

Pawan Verma, Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Customer Connectivity Officer, Foot Locker

A few years back, Foot Locker shifted its focus from transaction value to customer journeys. Since then their transformation agenda has covered the gamut — uniting technology and data, adopting agile processes,altering internal culture, even changing the type of person to hire.

Let experience drive your commerce.

Retail customers don’t want to be sold. They demand to be treated as individuals. Everything must be effortless. They demand to be cared for and empowered in every interaction, online or in-store. But this requires the right technology and data, insights from real-time shopping behaviors and the ability to personalize shopper experiences based on that insight.

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